Find out why your dog is scratching your feet

The fact that most dogs like to lick their masters is a fact that you will definitely notice. Hands and face are common the parts of human anatomy that most attract their attention, for they are very accessible.

But sometimes, when they have the opportunity, they may choose others that seem more surprising or strange to us, as is the case with the feet. In this article we will discuss the reasons for licking this place.

Did your dog kiss you?

It is very common to make a connection between licking the dog and kissing the person. And the truth is that there are similarities. Puppies, when they are ready to start eating solid food, start asking their mother for food. To do this, they touched his face with their front feet and licked his mouth. In this way, they cause the female dog to regurgitate the food she has just swallowed.

So that they can try their first solid foods that are somewhat processed to be easier for them. The same thing happens with human species. Mothers also prioritize handling food before passing it on to their infants, who learn to eat, mouth-to-mouth.

This act is about social behavior and has become a sign of love for dogs and humans. But it is also important to know that dog licking can also have other meanings. On the other hand, even if they accept them in the majority, they do not understand the kisses we give them as we would like.

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What does it mean to lick people?

First of all, the fact that your dog is licking your feet, hands, face or any part of our anatomy to which he has access is a sign of a good relationship with you. In most cases it shows affection, trust, security and camaraderie. But there are other, perhaps less obvious, definitions. as follows:

  • Cleanliness: they are not cats, but dogs also tease each other as a posture. It is often seen on their feet, for example on their return from walking. Thanks to this action, in addition to cleaning themselves, they can get rid of foreign bodies or parasites that attach to themselves. So, naturally, they can also spank you.
  • Call: sometimes dogs will bark at you with the intention of getting your attention. If we are on foot, it is possible that the licking is aimed at your feet and legs, as it is easy to get into it. This form of solicitation is not just solicitation for food. The dog may want to listen for any other reason, such as playing.
  • Positive reinforcement: you usually don’t realize it, but when your dog bites you, you respond very positively, because you return the favor with petting or loving words. Your attitude will act on the dog as a so-called positive reinforcement, encouraging him to change licking because he understands you like it.

What can I do if my dog ​​licks my feet too much?

Finally, while it is perfectly normal for your dog to lick you and show a healthy relationship between you and him, in some cases licking can become an obsession. We’re talking about situations where the dog is forcibly licking your feet, hands, and so on.. Fortunately, they don’t always.

Some dogs lick themselves, causing injury to the areas they lick and hair loss. This is a behavior change that should lead you to review living conditions and manage them and contact a professional dog behaviorist or ethologist to help you implement the necessary changes.

In other words, this excessive licking is the dog’s way of letting go of his frustration. Of course, you should consult your veterinarian first if forced licking is due to an organic health problem, such as pain. If a pathology is not included a psychological disorder may be considered.

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