Falling in love with Acadia, a Quebecer mobilizes his new community

A new resident of the Acadian Peninsula from Quebec, Sophie Arbor with her company Fit Garage Assault wants to make the inhabitants of the region active, especially with a race that she organizes.

Sophie Arbor started her fitness career at the age of 16. Her love for fitness runs in the family, her mother is a marathon runner, health and good nutrition are common things in her home.

“I always say I was born with a pair of running shoes on my feet,” he laughs.

So he adopted a conscience about his body, his nutrition and health in general.

“Taking care of your body is a necessity. It is the vehicle we have for the rest of our days. It is the one and only. »

He gives this meaning more seriously to his family life, especially to his eldest son who suffers from polymalformative syndrome.

“I was surrounded by enough elements to understand that the body is weak in all aspects.”

He is determined to ensure that all of his clients perform at their best and are healthy.

Specializing in several types of conditioning in addition to training as a naturopath and massage therapist, he offers training for general health with strict and intense types of exercises.

“This is my little part of the military. I really like the fitness and the training structures. I love that people can outdo themselves in the measure of themselves.

Big life change

Sophie Arbor is from Quebec. He recently moved to the Acadian Peninsula with his blended family of six.

If the family makes this big change, it is because they are looking for new perspectives for the future.

The reason, however, is the COVID-19 pandemic, where Sophie Arbor and her family feel the loneliness and anxiety experienced by many people during the quarantine in Quebec. It was during a small moment of freedom that the family vacationed in Acadia and it clicked.

“We literally fell in love. Not only the place, but also the people. Their sensitivity, their sincerity and their intimacy touched us deeply. People here give the impression of being like a tree. People are rooted, holding each other, supporting each other. I fell in love with philosophy and found exactly what I was looking for in my little girl’s heart: a home base.”

This is how he left the noise of the Montreal region to settle in the peace of the village of Saint-Léolin, where he took his work and created his business.

A business for the community

With Fit Garage Assault, Sophie Arbor offers a variety of fitness classes, both group, private and more recently, event events. The company has done many small community events.

“When I do events, community. We see this aspect more in Acadie, so we want to make sure the new company can give back to the community.

However, they took it to a whole new level with the creation of the Assault Project. Made by his partner and race director, it is a kind of obstacle course divided into several parts linked to the company’s training. This type of race is the first in the region.

Everything is done so that anyone, newbie or veteran, can participate and have fun, in addition to benefiting from the cooperation of other participants.

The idea is that it is a group activity.

“We want to not necessarily look like people know, we especially want to create a sense of coalition, that people gather in an environment that is not only festive, but where we working together, where everyone puts their hands to work.”

It is very important to the couple that everyone somehow becomes a winner on this day.

“What we want is for everyone to be successful, for everyone to cross the finish line and for everyone to feel overwhelmed and victorious in their personal challenge.”

The race is not a competition. The goal of this first event is to focus on bringing the participants together and helping each other. However, the team may consider adding a competitive edge in the next few years.

The race will take place on August 27 on the avenue du Parc in Saint-Léolin.

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