Exclusive. Margaux filed a complaint against Damien Abad: “I was traumatized”

How did you meet Damien Abad?

“We met when I was at the Modem and he was at the New Center, in a bid to unite the young people from the centrist party. We were both at the UDF but I didn’t know him when we were at the UDF. I was attracted to the ideas. in the center and François Bayrou at that time. »

How was your first meeting with Damien Abad?

“I’m not sure when was the first time I talked to him. I think it was a meeting of the National Assembly, a meeting of vice-presidents and presidents of the youth center parties. I am vice president of the Young Democrats. And he is the president of Young Centrists. There are about ten of us. »

You were 22 at the time, right?

“Yes, or 21 if it was last year.»

Before you met at this meeting, had you heard of him before?

“Yes, I know who he is. I may have seen this in a debate before. And during the meeting, I thought he was the one booking the room so I needed him on the phone first. I found him charismatic during the meeting. »

After this meeting, what were your exchanges?

“We texted a little over a year or a year and a half, like, not really regularly. And then, we flirted a bit via SMS in the winter of 2010 or 2011, before I criticized. »

You’re talking gossip. At one point, did you think that was too much?

“Yes, I never deleted it. I gave the whole fifty, sixty pages of SMS. I gave everything to the police. Very demanding, very heavy, very late at night. Many times. Many times I cut the conversation short by telling him that I wasn’t really what he was looking for, that I didn’t like the way he spoke, and many times he came back. There were things wrong and at the same time, I also admired him, yes. »

When have you told yourself that limits have been violated?

“After a few weeks, and it happened many times. I was about to go to his house in Lyon then I canceled because I never had a cafe. Then, finally, he convinced me to send him to my house. »

Why don’t you “feel” it?

“I don’t like the way he talks to me. I said to him at one point, “I think you’re confusing me with professionals.” He asked for photos of me, he asked sexy for you to go to his house, he asked me if I didn’t seem to have a boyfriend to add, there were things. Then, in the meantime, our conversation was normal again. The conversation was headed in directions I didn’t want to go. I tried to cut it and it came back. I told him, I think, three times that I didn’t like it. Once when I refused to send him an intimate photo, he sent me a dozen compelling texts that I didn’t respond to. »

How was this first meeting?

“He came to my house, in Paris. He invited himself to my house. That was the only time he came to my house. The rape I complained about that day. »

In addition to physical restraint, is there a psychological restraint in your opinion?

“Yes, in addition to disrespecting my permission at a specific time in a sexual relationship that qualifies for rape, there is also psychological pressure, that she knows how to play well to get what she wants. Used he would pressure and manipulate me to come to my house, so that I could drink alcohol and for some sexual acts. »

Twice tried to file a complaint …

“More than twice. I always go to the police station, I don’t come back. It hurts more not to file a complaint than to file a complaint. Seeing him anywhere became more painful than the risk of filing a complaint. »

You filed a complaint in 2017, the complaint was dismissed …

“Yes, after light instruction. None of his relatives were interviewed. Her partner did not audition as she partially defended herself from my accusation of her by saying it was not in her sexual acts. No ex-sexual partner was auditioned, nor were his parliamentary collaborators. There was no forensic examination for him. Me, I have one. She said she couldn’t do this rape because she physically couldn’t do it. Me, I immediately replied to the investigator: “All right, let’s go to the doctor because it’s wrong” and it didn’t work out. I know wrong, he knows wrong. If the medical examination is well done, it will not support his claims. I asked for it, five years ago. »

Do you feel that your word is ignored?

“Yes quite! Not enough work has been done. He is not in custody, which is common in crimes. His partner has not auditioned, his co -workers then there is no verification of what he said.»

What do you give to this complaint?

“There were all the text messages, including the one I sent him a few months later telling him I was traumatized that day. I had friends, who were also interviewed, who confirmed my condition, in the days, in the weeks that followed. »

How did you experience Damien Abad’s appointment to the government?

“Her appointment to the government allows the accusations to be passed on to the media and for me it is a comfort, I think it will help other women not to be victimized and other victims to speak up. I also feel I am doing my duty in the sorority by speaking in public. »



The two women accused the minister of rape. The first, Margaux told Damien Abad, met in 2009 at a political meeting, then flirted over messages. One night in January 2011 in Paris, he agreed to meet her. That night, the complainant claimed to have had a sexual relationship full of “disrespect, domination and insistence”, which he tried to stop using “innuendo” and admitted to suffering an imposed anal penetration. , despite a denial expressed in an “assertive” ”and“ multiple times ”manner. on Mediapart , he also accused the new minister of “asking for fellatio”. His two complaints, in 2012 and 2017, were dismissed.

A second young woman claimed, on an autumn evening in 2010, to have seen Damien Abad in a restaurant and bar in Paris. He said he woke up the next morning “in a hotel room near the bar” with Damien Abad, “in his underwear”, and he was afraid of being “drugged”. He did not file a complaint.

Legal definition of rape

Rape is an act of sexual assault committed by the victim or the author of the act with violence, coercion, threat or surprise (in the latter case, the victim is deceived by the aggressor’s deception). Any act of sexual penetration is covered: vaginal, anal or oral. The penetration can be through the author’s sex of rape, through his fingers or something. It is enough that the victim did not give his clear and explicit consent. The victim gave a clear and obvious denial and/or defended himself, but the aggressor made physical coercion on him (e.g., sexual assault or rape committed with violence) The victim did not give a clear refusal and openly and/or did not defend himself, because he was the subject of a moral restraint (e.g., sexual assault of an employee by his employer). The victim is not in a condition to provide a clear response (e.g., victim under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, or vulnerable victim due to his or her health condition, victim under 15 years of age).

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