exam Test your knowledge of Lyon and love

  1. When did Henri IV and Marie de Médicis get married in Saint-Jean Cathedral?
    A. December 17, 1600
    B. July 15, 1600
    C. The 1er January 1600
    D. December 8, 1600
  1. Who carved the statue of the lovers of the Rhône and the Saône at the foot of the Palais de la Bourse?
    A. Aristide Maillol
    B. Antoine Bourdelle
    C. Auguste Rodin
    D. André Vermare
  1. Which girl from Lyon did Molière love?
    A. Madeleine Béjart
    B. The Marquise Thérèse de Gorla
    C. Dominique Blanc
    D. Antoinette Des Houlieres
  1. Mélanie Laurent’s first feature film, about love and family relationships, was shot in Lyon. What is his name?
    A. Adoptees
    B. Tomorrow
    C. Elusive
    D. I’m fine, don’t worry
  2. Which bridge in Lyon is considered the “bridge of lovers” with the most padlocks?
    A. The Morand Bridge
    B. The footbridge of Saint-Georges
    C. The bridge at the port of Confluence
    D. College footbridge
  1. In Lyon slang, what does a belin or a beline mean?
    A. A misbehaving child
    B. A word of love to qualify his beloved
    C. A bride or groom
    D. A beast of Guignol’s adventures
  1. Which choreographer who graduated from the Lyon Conservatory will present his version of Romeo and Juliet at Nuits de Fourvière this summer?
    A. Emmanuel Daumas
    B. Alexis Michalik
    C. Mourad Merzouki
    D. Benjamin Millepied
  1. What a poet from Lyon in the 16th centuryecentury wrote about love?
    A. Juliette Recamier
    B. Margaret of Navarre
    C. Louise Labe
    D. Isabella Andreini
  1. Where is the Clos des deux amants located in Lyon?
    A. Under the town hall, place des Terreaux
    B. On the banks of the Saône, at the foot of the hill of Fourvière
    C. In the park of Château de Montchat
    D. In the park of Tête-d’Or
  1. Which arrondissement celebrated the most weddings in 2021?
    A. The 6the
    B. The 3e
    C. The 7the
    D. La Croix-Rousse


  1. Answer to. Originally scheduled for July 15, 1600, the wedding had to be postponed to December 17 of the same year because King Henry IV was at war with the Duke of Savoy.
  2. Answer d. The author of this allegory of the Rhône and the Saône is none other than André Vermare. The white marble statue was installed in 1907 at the foot of the Palais de la Bourse (Lyon 2).e).
  3. Answer b. The Marquise Thérèse de Gorla, known as Mademoiselle du Parc under her stage name, was a very beautiful actress from Lyon who played in Molière’s troupe and was his mistress. Racine was also won over by her beauty and the play Andromaque was dedicated to her.
  4. Answer to. Released in 2011, Les Adoptés tells the story of a family of women, one of whom falls in love. The scenes were taken in Lyon, Place Fernand Rey, Cour des Voraces, Rue Rivet, Place Rouville and the Parc de la Tête d’Or.
  5. Answer b. The Darse bridge at the Confluence was about to become the new Pont des Arts in Lyon, but in 2015, a fanatic took them all … On the Saint-George footbridge, the padlocks were never removed.
  6. Answer b. In the Lyonnais dialect, the name belin or beline is used to describe his beloved.
  7. Answer d. On Thursday 28 and Friday 29 July, Benjamin Millepied will present a re-creation of Sergueï Prokofiev’s masterpiece, Roméo & Juliette Suite, at the Roman theater as part of Nuits de Fourvière.
  8. Answer c. The Renaissance poet, Louise Labé notably wrote a work called Débat de Folie et d’Amour as well as three elegies and 24 sonnets on love and its torments.
  9. Answer b. The Clos des deux amants takes its name from a tomb of the same name dating from the Roman era, supposed to have been placed on the banks of the Saône in the 9e at the current Lyon Conservatory.
  10. Answer c. Although 3e arrondissement is the largest town in the area. The area around Lyon is almost covered in fieldse district with the most weddings in 2021, with 292 celebrations. This is closely followed by 3e with 275 celebrations then 8eat 234.

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