EterNights: Japanese action and flirting in an apocalyptic universe

Game News EterNights: Japanese action and flirting in an apocalyptic universe

It is within the framework of State of Play that we know of the arrival, in early 2023, of an action / dredge game called EterNights. The first trailer will not fail to challenge fans of Japanese animation. It happens on PS5, PS4, but also on PC!

The flirt + action combo is possible!

Usually limited to register at visual novelthe games on panguyab sim experience new energy in EterNights. This title is actually presented to us as ownership a big part of the action, with real-time combat taking place in an apocalyptic mode. This is the result of work in an independent studio known as Sai Studio and whose founder told the PlayStation Blog on the occasion of the game’s announcement:

Hello everyone, I am Jae Yoo, founder of Studio Sai. We are a small, independent, completely remote studio with developers working in many different countries. After working hard for the past two years on our first game, it was so surreal for me to finally be able to reveal Eternights to the world! – Jae Yoo, Founder of Studio Sai

Dancing and seduction to live the apocalypse

The principle of the game EterNights about survival and the importance of being close to fellow sufferers. After a disaster whose causes are unknown, people suddenly became dangerous creatures who were renamed the survivors “infected”. If they want to find a cure for this curse, they have to deal with these beasts by exploring dungeons full of traps, but also puzzles and… mini-games! Because it doesn’t, apocalypse can’t prevent EterNights characters from decompressing by performing certain dance moves that need to be integrated directly into the game system.

But what about panguyab sim ? We were told by the game’s development studio that if the survivors didn’t roam the dungeons and fight the victims, they would have a chance to get closer to each other to deepen their bond. The team is important five eccentric and sympathetic characters you need to get to know in order to hope to count on their unconditional support, and maybe even more if you want. Of course, all this has effects on the evolution of our protagonist that is able to unlock unique skills and powers, which can be used in combat.

Person 5 Voices?

We can’t be taken but comparing the mechanics of Persona 5 is far from aberrant because EterNights is also revealed to manage a calendar. The player must respect the deadlines to complete the dungeons and must manage his time well among the different types of activities on offer. if he doesn’t want to lose some rewards.

It’s up to you whether it’s better to take the time to approach a confidant to expand your skills or explore the deserted environments of the game in search of supplies. Another unique element of software comparison from Atlus: the presence of multiple 2D animated sequences that show the characters you are most suited to. Suffice it to say that you definitely have to go through the game multiple times to unlock all of these beautiful cutscenes.

I hope you enjoyed this first look at our first game.As a storyteller, I always like to mix a love story with action that inspires adrenaline. I want players to have a strong, personal motivation to thrive in fights and feel like they are fighting not only for their own survival, but also for the one they love. – Jae Yoo, Founder of Studio Sai

EterNights: Japanese action and flirting in an apocalyptic universeEterNights: Japanese action and flirting in an apocalyptic universe

EterNights is due to come out early next year on PS5, PS4, and PC.

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