Elon Musk, the crazy dog ​​who changes space and car

The future Twitter owner was furious before focusing his views on the blue bird social network. He is a visionary, a strange character, an executioner …

The future Twitter owner was furious before focusing his views on the blue bird social network. He was a visionary, a strange character, a workaholic and an oppressive captain in an industry whose companies, Tesla and SpaceX, were thriving on the edge of cliff and bankruptcy before swallowing up the competition. Starting from the left, the former makes electric traction luxurious and desirable, a ground challenge for Ford and General Motors. The second became heavy on the space industry, the first NASA’s partner conducting the operation to reconnect the Moon with it.

But Elon Musk could be “just” the richest man on the planet with no extra dimension, the dream. Honors and Billions serves an ultimate purpose: colonizing Mars, bringing a million people there for a century and dispersing human species to distant worlds. Musk firmly believes in this despite many technical and financial hurdles. In mid-2010, he considered the first one-way trip for 2024, an unrealistic schedule. It will be later but the big day will come, he assures us now.

Conquer the world at 18

Born in 1971 in Pretoria, in white South Africa, Elon Musk quickly felt constrained in the country. He left North America in 1989, before he celebrated his 18th birthday. He began studying economics and physics in the United States, making a first start, Zip2, whose resale brought him the first chunks of his fortune, then joined the first steps of PayPal, the online payment platform. . This is the jackpot.

Blown away by losses and crashes in the year 2000, Elon Musk quickly gave up his obsession with Mars. The delirium is twofold: reaching the red planet with one hand while tinkering with the foundations of a private company, SpaceX, with the other, is a heresy at this time when the major national space agencies still rule the roost. To everyone’s surprise, the businessman carved a place for himself in the starry sky by winning the century contract at the end of 2008. Sinking into inseparable problems, NASA called on its supply services on the ISS, the International Space Station, while SpaceX’s Falcon 1 has only had one successful launch to its credit and the company no longer has a dollar in the bank.

Musk’s entire career was summed up in this balancing act of a tight rope between unresolved bankruptcy and the height at which he was intoxicated with glory and money. The recipes that make SpaceX successful – diligence and innovation – are the foundation on which the Tesla auto brand is based. Tired a few years later, unable to follow orders, it seemed set to collapse before a remarkable recovery. It is already the symbol of the electrification of the car fleet, it bet on the Chinese market and recently opened a giant factory at the gates of Berlin.

Unpredictable and libertarian

All this is enough to fill ten lives. This is not enough for Elon Musk, who has deployed the giant constellation of Starlink satellites over our heads to provide internet service in the most remote areas. Despite the protests of astronomers, who feared to reduce the quality of their observations. The royal contractor ignored the problem, then agreed to some fixes to make his robots less bright. The effort cost him, he kept so many obstacles and regulations to all sorts of fears.

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