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See the detailed summary of More Beautiful Life in advance episode 4555 on Friday June 10, 2022 broadcast in France 3. Romain Vidal is still hesitant to live in Paris given the professional opportunity. Blanche had the idea that Rochat would receive the ball from Scotto.

Read the entire PBLV recap season 18 episode 4555 on 06/10/2022 in the preview with all the photos from the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

Revel present for the slap Abdel received

Find that full summary of Better Life on Friday, June 10, 2022 episode 4555 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast in France 3): the recap of the previous episode PBLV 09/06/2022 online now.

Elisa spent the night with Abdel, early in the morning she woke up but he was gone. In fact, he ate breakfast with lots of sweets and macaroon.
Elisa tells Abdel that she is just fine with him. He invited her to go to the new chairman’s party.

Jules, Lola and Noé are ready to tag Scotto’s facade. Nathan and Blanche arrived before the tragedy. Nathan thinks you need to play with Rochat’s goodness.

Mirta came to consult Romain Vidal: he told him that since he was there he was better. He offered her calissons. Then Leo scrolls down to tell him he’s a very good doctor. Léa and Boher go to Vidal to thank him for what he has done for Aurore. In addition, they said they chose him as a doctor with social security.

rochat more beautiful life

Rochat accepted the idea of ​​the ball thanks to Scotto

Blanche suggested making the ball on Vincent Scotto’s theme: she wanted students not to be defeated by this artist. For his part, he talks to Rochat with Nathan.
Thomas decides to offer his lunch to Romain for all he has done for his neighborhood. Patrick fired Vidal’s PV. Sylvia and Emilie think that with all the love Romain has received, he doesn’t want to leave.
In the evening, Romain tells Sylvia and Emilie that he knows they were the ones making this plan. Romain explained that he gave himself time to meditate. Fanny was convinced it was over… she thought Romain had already decided.
Sylvia thinks that for Romain to stay in Marseille: Fanny has to express her love for Romain.

Abdel and Elisa have a much better life

Elisa changes her face when Abdel tells her that Tim has turned down her offer.

Abdel informs Barbara and Tim that BTC accepts the counter-proposal.
Tim has proof that BTC sank into the slab in the middle of the night. So the company hides something and becomes a body.

Sylvia has a better life

Sylvia has a plan for Fanny to tell her how she feels

More beautiful life in the advanced stage 4555 on June 10, 2022: Will Abdel lose Elisa?

Abdel admitted to Barbara that he was a little scared to tell Elisa that he had rejected his proposal. She is in love.
Abdel and Elisa meet at the party: Abdel meets Revel the prosecutor there.
Abdel informs Elisa that Tim has turned down BTC’s offer. Elisha told him to come down and he slapped Abdel.

grandma more beautiful life

Scotto is about to be tagged

Rochat wants to celebrate Vincent Scotto’s 70th birthday with a ball. Nathan thinks this is a way to raise awareness of the region’s heritage.
Rochat announced to the students that an evening honoring Scotto would be held. He relies on their investment and creativity. Rochat asked Grandma to run the organization.

roman more beautiful life

The mistral did everything to keep Romain Vidal

Highlights of Plus Belle la vie on June 10, 2022: what to remember

– Rochat receives the ball in honor of composer Scotto
– Sylvia and Emilie did everything to keep Romain in Marseille
– Elisa rejects Abdel when she tells him that Tim refused the money
– Sylvia thinks Fanny loves ROmain

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