Elden Ring: last days to get the launch pack for the best game of the year … and it’s on sale!

Good news deal Elden Ring: last days to get the launch pack for the best game of the year … and it’s on sale!

The Elden Ring is the game of the year. With JV and more or less all the other newsrooms in the video game world, many people (myself included) think that GOTY (Game of the Year) in 2022 is gone. If you want to make history by getting your exclusive copy when the latest From the Software title launches, now is the time.

The Elden Ring and its limited edition PS5 at the very best price

This special version is nothing more than a plastic box containing only the contents of the game disc. However, it has:

  • A storage pouch
  • A woven patch
  • stickers
  • 3 lithograph
  • A double-sided poster

We bet that in a few years, these official goodies will have a certain value, given the place Elden Ring will definitely take in much of the history of video games. Yes, we are reviews, but it must be said that we have never seen such enthusiasm since Zelda Breath of the Wild.

So back to this Launch Edition of the Elden Ring. Gradually, all the stores became empty. On Amazon, there is only the collector’s pack (in 2 copies), the PS5 game out of stock.

We found the cheapest PS5 version at the popular French online store Cdiscount. For 52 €, a price almost lower than the launch price but equally, you can get the game in the physical version and one of the newest launch packages.

Buy Elden Ring on PS5 for 52 € at Cdiscount

Elden Ring: who is GOTY 2022?

In the JV, the game is entitled to an outstanding score of 18/20:

The opinion of

With the new open world dimension, Elden Ring clearly releases the already highly effective formula from FromSoftware studio and offers Souls and spiritual sequences that are both ambitious and easily accessible.

All innovations unite for an ultimate purpose: the open world allows you to arm yourself more than ever with the epic and obligatory fights that adventure reserves, with no impression of just walking around the field. And the best part is that it doesn’t compromise the sense of accomplishment that is so important to the genre.

The Elden Ring is a complete, mysterious experience, where curiosity is tirelessly renewed by the feeling of discovering something for the first time. All with a beautiful art direction, that you want to get lost, to explore.

The title also welcomes new features that offer strategic combat options, without betraying their necessity. We only regret the slight lack of ambition for some Legacy Dungeon, as well as recycling some properties and bosses. Overall, a fantastic title.

We’re not the only ones excited about the Elden Ring. on Metacriticaveraging scores on many sites that specialize in video games, the kid from Software got a score of 96/100, it’s awesome.

Personally, as a player, the Elden Ring is one of the masterpieces that will mark me for a lifetime. Like Breath of the Wild, the way to navigate an open world is shaking again. The feeling of freedom at all levels is exhilarating, you quickly fall in love with the universe and its history, the game is much smarter … frankly, if you’re still hesitant, no matter what level you play, you can’t. advise you to go for it.

Don’t listen to debates in difficulty, form your own opinion. If I go all out, you can do it.

Buy Elden Ring on PS5 for 52 € at Cdiscount

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