Ekitike talks about his choice of PSG, his relationship with Campos and his ambitions

Hugo Ekitike, 20-year-old attacker of Paris Saint-Germain, believes The Parisian, in his choice to join Paris, already convinced before the interview with Luis Campos, the latter is more convincing to the player. The game project, sports, the two are in osmosis in the future. Ekitike also spoke of his desire to go fast and seize all opportunities and not be afraid of “danger”.

tick” If PSG wants you and you’re French, you can’t say no.

“Did you stop Newcastle last winter and then this summer because you were waiting for PSG?

I had an appointment with Luis (Campos) that meant a lot to me. Not too long ago. We talk a lot, he is the one I consider very big. I wanted to go to PSG before this exchange, but this convinced me more. If PSG wants you and you’re French, you can’t say no.

tick” What interests me is the game and what can be put in place”

The speech of Luis Campos?

Me, to convince me, you have to talk about sport. What interests me is the game and what can be implemented. We talked a lot, his point of view, mine and we were in total osmosis.

tick” I will give him (Luis Campos Editor’s note) this land trust “

How did he see you?

He sees me as a player with many qualities and predicts an interesting future for me. I know he has confidence in me, he thinks I will do a lot of things, and I will return that confidence on the pitch. »

It’s a winning mentality. But in this game, he must be very good. Latest example so far, his idol, Kylian Mbappé, 23, who like him shows great self-confidence, and who shows it on the ground. Otherwise, supporters and the media will not hesitate to confront Ekitike’s overly ambitious speech.

But this speech is what made him strong, he had no doubts and it allowed him to be where he is today, at one of the best clubs in the world. He has playing time to convince and that promises a good season. PSG lacks young players who are hungry to prove themselves and win titles. Some more experienced players don’t always give it their all.

tick” Danger did not enter my mind”

“Would it be wiser to opt for Newcastle before joining a top club like PSG?

Danger did not enter my mind. All those who put themselves are big clubs. I am not afraid of anything, I want to discover the high level. PSG is the biggest club in France, but also in the world. As long as you are ambitious and know what you want, why go step by step? That’s what I thought. For me, we are not born great, we are made! »

Leaving a club to enter the construction phase with a new identity? This is not for Ekitike. He chose the big club and this is what he wants, in addition to playing for a club in his country. He’s in the deep end and explains why he doesn’t want to take the big step. He is ambitious and PSG gave him the best exposure.

The only difficulty is that at PSG, he did not start, which he might have at Newcastle. But he doesn’t care, he wants the best, he wants to play with Mbappé, to grow as fast as he can. We will take stock at the end of the season. He has the advantage, even if he is not outstanding, the club knows he is in the learning phase and will give him a chance in the future.

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