Education: “I went back to school a second time”

Created 25 years ago, second chance schools (E2C) welcomes young people aged 16 to 25 who have dropped out of school for more than a year without a diploma or qualification. . L’Etudiant was followed by Maëva, Camélia and Youssef building their professional and collaborative project.

The second time school (E2C) does not have a start in September but will start throughout the year. “I went back to school for the second time in Paris on May 3”, explained Camélia, 21, who stopped her hairdressing training in 2018 and continued three “sabbatical” years without training. or worked. “I was put in a sector I didn’t like, I skipped school and I stopped going to school at 16. I’ve been at home for a long time doing nothing ”, confessed her classmate Maëva, 22.“ For my part, I didn’t go to school from 2017 to 2019 before I told myself I needed to. find a job. “, confirmed their colleague Youssef, 22, and delegate to the promo.

Schools for out-of-school youth

Like Camélia, Maëva and Youssef, about 15,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 25, who left the traditional school system without a diploma or qualification, regained their position in one of the 50 second opportunity schools (E2C) spread across 135 sites across France. Goal: in a few months (seven on average) do a professional project and get a jobeither a contract of apprenticeship or entry into qualified training.

“A young man came to school for the second time because he decided to take his life in hand and decided on an exit point. After a few months he had a job: even a permanent one. contract, or a fixed-term contract, or apprenticeship contract“, explained Denis Bouchard, President of E2C Paris.

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A school to find work and employment

“Choosing a job is not made on the internet or by reading a brochure, but by experimentation. our young people are very quick to internship with companies to discover trades“, continues Denis Bouchard. The first four weeks spent at school are devoted to a practical refresher in French, mathematics or office automation with the aim of finding an internship to discover and test trades.

“We learned how to create a CV, a cover letter and how to write emails well to get our internships”explained Maëva, who has completed four internships, three of which are on her favorite farm: animals. “My professional project now is to be a veterinary assistant”. Youssef, 22, also found his way after two internships in car garages: “My internships have helped me settle for a job : auto repairman. I’m looking for a work-study program or training to get my CAP as a mechanic. “

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A school to bring back new hope

“If you’ve spent 15 years in school and it doesn’t carry a diploma or you’re not on the path to professional engagement, you may lose hope of finding your place in the company and in society”, as by Denis Bouchard. “But in our schools we can simultaneously rediscovering the hope of professional and civic integration“.

For Youssef, there is no doubt that spending time in this establishment was a positive experience: “In addition to orientation to a profession, I realized during a civic mission in Ehpad the skills I had such as listening, patience and kindness. And at school I was a delegate to my promotion. This was the first time in my life. that I am a delegate, that I represent a group…“, The young man smiled.

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