Earn cryptos for free? Sandbox season 3 will start soon

teaching – So we are back to continue our presentation of the game The Sandbox on the Ethereum blockchain. Far from us the desire to be the player of the month, we go, through this small series, to see together how to enjoy the Sandbox experience for free, and maybe who knows, even get a passive income through gaming. If you don’t know this game, a little reminder of the universe is important.

Season 3 of The Sandbox hits stores on August 24

Before we jump in and sign up for season 3 of The Sandboxlet’s summarize some numbers and data:

  • 10 week game in the pixelated metaverse of The Sandbox;
  • a season of play open to all and accessible free of charge ;
  • more 90 Experiments in the Pixelated Metaverse (single and multiplayer);
  • a Alpha Pass to win which gives access to SAND rewards.

To participate in the period, however, certain conditions must be met:

  • There is one The Sandbox account ;
  • have an account Metamask if you want to benefit from cryptocurrency rewards;
  • hold a e-mail address.

Note that it is also possible to create The Sandbox account through a Google, Facebook or Twitter account. However, this method will limit you if you want to receive crypto gains.

The various partners who made the reputation of the sandbox are at the launch of season 3. So, in 90 game experiences are offered, 27 associated with famous partners: Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, Warner Music Groupthey Rabbis can, for example, be part of the party. If not, 37 games created by The Sandbox or The Sandbox Game Maker Fund, 16 made by Game Jams and 12 of independent designers.

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Beyond the various crypto services that the game metaverse offers and that we will study in the course of our series, if you want to progress in The Sandbox you need to complete quests. They allow you to collect points Ethos.

The mechanics of the game are simple: the more Ethos points you have, the more chances you have to win Alpha Passthe holy grail that unlocks your access to rewards through sandthe native cryptocurrency of The Sandbox.

In addition, holders of NFTs and land (plots of land in The Sandbox’s metaverse) will also be rewarded. This season 3 wants to be interoperable, or at least tries to be, too, the 140,000 NFTs playable in the game from other collections can walk around the sandbox. They will enjoy SAND rewards if they fully participate in Season 3. The 5,000 top ranked players as for them, they can enjoy the rewards of sand (1.5 million SAND to share) if they have an Alpha Pass.

The player’s rank is determined by the total number of Ethos Points (EP) earned during the quest. The point system then, once again, is classic. The more Ethos points you get, the better you rank. The best player wins 30,000 SAND, or About $30,000 at the time of this writing.

To ensure a secure environment, Sandbox requires a KYC, identity recognition system. The purpose is to prevent multiple accounts and fraud mechanisms that the gangrene of many games played for profit.

However, you can play without implementing this KYC. However, you cannot enter the draws for an Alpha Pass. Farewell, then, to cryptocurrency rewards.

Sandbox conquers the world

Like it or not, we can only support The Sandbox’s approach, whose goal is to lure as many new and uninformed viewers as possible into its nets. Therefore, Sebastien Borget, CEO and emblematic figure of The Sandbox, determined in the company’s press release the importance of social interaction within its metaverse:

“We are excited to create new use cases for the owners of these collections, starting with the digital identity and the ability to create worlds that these NFTs can play and develop. With in the most creative and engaged communities of Web 3, we have the opportunity to define the culture of open metaverses and shape the future of our social interactions. »

Sign up for Season 3 of The Sandbox

Go to the Sandbox website. Then, register at “sign-in“top right.

Subscribe to season 3 of The Sanbox

Then choose how you want to register: by email address, social network or wallet. Of course we recommend that you register with a Metamask wallet to enjoy your web experience 3.

Link your account with The Sandbox to register for Season 3.
Connect your Metamask account to The Sandbox

If you don’t have a MetaMask account, you can find one here all the necessary tools to have one with complete peace of mind. So we will continue this tutorial by registering a MetaMask account. Then click on fox and enter your email address.

Enter your email address to play The Sandbox season 3.
Complete with your e-mail address as well as your nickname for the game

You’re almost there! Now all you have to do is save your password. It’s not a secret, make sure it’s dense and complex sooptimize its efficiency, and therefore your safety.

Set your password
Last step: the password

Finally, agree to link your Metamask account to The SandBox.

Agree to link your Metamask to your The Sandbox account
Link your Metamask to The Sandbox

So you’re ready for season 3 of The Sandbox.

your avatar” New »new in English then appears on the top right of the home page of The Sandbox site. By clicking on it, you can access your account.

The countdown to the launch of The Sandbox season 3 has begun

You can while waiting, put all your creativity in the search for an avatar that is unique and unique to you by clicking on ” Create an avatar “.

See you soon!

In the next article in this series The Sandbox, we will discover together the ecosystem of the metaverse game and also understand the various creation tools available in the game, namely Voxedit and Game Make. We are thus able to make the best of this experience, a grain of madness warming upcrypto winter we are going through.

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