Dreaming of falling in love: what does it mean?

Making love with your partner, with a stranger, with a friend, in a public place… Our erotic dreams torment us. But do they really have a special meaning? Are they a mirror of our sex life? Answers with Véronica Olivieri-Daniel, psychoanalyst.

Erotic dreams are sometimes uncomfortable. But, they have nothing to be ashamed of! We can dream of falling in love with a man, a woman, a friend, a friend, a stranger, her husband, her ex-partner, a co-worker or even a family member. Away from prying eyes or the public, whether you’re in love or not. Regardless of the scenario, dreaming that you are having sex with someone can be very disturbing. When you wake up, you think about the meaning of this kind of erotic dream and the pleasure you feel: what does it hide from our sexual desire? Is our unconscious trying to send us a message? In fact, our erotic dreams can include many aspects that we should not be afraid of.

What does it mean to dream of being in love?

According to Freud, dreams represent the fulfillment of an unconscious desire, such as slips of the tongue, phobias and obsessions. Sexual urges, suppressed during waking hours, can freely express themselves. However, the psychoanalyst does not distinguish the erotic dream from other dreams, although the idea of ​​sexual drive is very active in the erotic dream. “ According to him, there is no causal connection between the content of the dream and any explanation of reality. Therefore, dreaming that you want to sleep with your boss does not mean that you want to do it. It could mean something else, like the fact that there was a highly emotional discussion and that he was upset”, said Véronica Olivieri-Daniel. In other words, the erotic dream remains a dream like any other, only accompanied by an orgasmic sensory state. In addition, it is rare that we can remember a sexual dream with accuracy. “ What we remember is experiencing an orgasm, or something close to it, at night. Eager to get an interpretation, we make the conclusion that we have an erotic dream but it is not only a sequence of images or the feeling of living a beautiful story, it is also sensory »he continued.

What are the most frequent erotic dreams and what do they mean?

If our erotic dreams do not necessarily have a hidden meaning, they nevertheless reveal one unconscious desires expressed during our sleep. And it is perfectly legitimate to want to find a meaning for them! Deciphering our most frequent sexual dreams.

  • Dreaming of making love with your ex: no, the dream of sleeping with your ex partner that you love does not mean that you want to put the lid back on! An ex is just a representation of a man or a woman.
  • Dreamed of making love in a public place: this type of dream can be a sign of an unconscious desire, a fantasy that does not dare to fulfill a life.
  • Dreaming of having sex with a stranger: dreaming of having sex with someone you don’t know indicates a need for changeto give freedom to his fantasies.
  • Dreaming of having sex with someone of the same sex: dreaming of having sex with a woman if you are a woman or with a man if you are a man is not a sign that shows that you are homosexual, but our homosexual that fantasy and our The psychic bisexuality is released overnight.

“Homosexuality is considered by all psychoanalysts, including Freud, as a psychic bi-sexuality that is not built physically but psychically. You can be attracted to both men and women. The strong friendship of youth with of girls holding hands, football teams changing in the locker room about this psychic homosexuality. The dreams of voyeurism, exhibitionism, infidelity, homosexuality, fantasy categories that we suppress in we wake up in life and are released from dreams. These dreams are nothing but the expression of what is called psychic sexuality. When we live in sexuality, we break our fantasies and our fantasies, dreams allow to exploderation but also the fulfillment of these unconscious desires”develops the psychoanalyst.

Do erotic dreams reveal our sexuality?

According to our expert, the erotic dream does not reveal our sexuality at all. “Cold women whose sexual life is very limited or even impossible or blocked may hide a deep desire inside them and have many erotic dreams. We must recognize the real sexual life that is lived with many or less restrictions and freedom, more or less fantasy, and the liberation of all that is possible in dreams. In other words, one should not take the content of this kind of erotic, sensory dreams in the first place degree or interpret it as a symbol of something specific, it is only an indicator of good psychic health. he assured.

Dreaming of making love, is a sign of psychic health

To succeed in dreaming of loving someone, it must be good, to feel free at that moment in your life and in your head. “Dreaming, during a dream or immersed in deep sleep, is a psychic act that reveals a level of well-being, details Véronica Olivieri-Daniel. In other words, people who say they don’t remember their dreams are not investing enough in their psychic life”.

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