Dol-de-Bretagne: the trauma of two walking violently bitten by a dog

Mireille’s leg a few days after being bitten by a dog in Dol-de-Bretagne. © DR

It was a beautiful day in June. Great for cycling on country roads.

Mireille (first name taken) rides with her partner Dol-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine). A skilled sportswoman, the very young retiree swims every day and always runs.

The German shepherd jumped on him

That day, he didn’t imagine he would have to stop his daily life as an athlete for long weeks. The offense of a dog suddenly attacked him as the couple quietly crossed a village in Dol.

the German shepherd appeared from the other side of the road to bite him hard on the calf. Her cries would finally scare her four -legged killer. A neighbor, a firefighter, will provide first aid to the area before Mireille is transferred to the hospital.

Skin graft

His calf is rather a pile of flesh open to the air. A skin graft required. With the key are two beautiful cuts a few centimeters.

“He is very athletic. It’s over “

In front of Court of Saint-Malo this Tuesday, June 7, 2022, his attorney Pierre Stichelbaut is trying to get the judge to understand the serious consequences of this impeachment.

For two months, a nurse would come to her house every day to take care of her. My client is very athletic. It’s all over. He still feels the pain of it today. ”

Mireille has also developed a terrible fear of dogs. Since the two -year facts, he consulted a psychologist. Her doctor prescribed her antidepressants.

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“If I hear barkada, I’ll be scared”

A few minutes later, in front of this same court, another retiree came to testify at the bar. He also quietly walked the countryside of Dol-de-Bretagne. Passing through the same village, a German shepherd-type dog (the investigation cannot prove that this animal is exactly the same, Editor’s letter) suddenly attacked him. The walker was bitten on the hand and leg. By removing his teeth, the dog left him “a deep wound” that revealed raw veins.

The victim, barely holding back her tears, told the court how the attack had changed her.

“I was so shocked. I love animals, I will be scared now if I hear a dog barking ”.

“What if it was a child”

If he files a complaint, he says, it’s not for the use of his hand that “80%” he “recovered” but “because I was attacked in the area constantly.Families come to walk there with their child. Children can learn to cycle here. If a child is held in the throat like I was bitten by the hand, he is not here now ”.

4 months suspended and the animal confiscated

We learn during the hearing that the German shepherd who was clearly identified during the first attack was not vaccinated against rabies and that he was “squeezing” another walker according to his owner, who was not in court. We also learn that the mayor has issued an order requesting a behavioral examination of the dog.

The court sentenced the owner of the animal 4 months suspended sentence for involuntary damages. Justice confiscated his German shepherd and banned him from owning a new animal for five years.

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