Dogs in motorhome areas: the animal is not what you think!

In motorhome areas, you’ll find lots of motorhomes and… lots of dogs. That’s why tensions can arise. Others lament the disturbances (dog droppings, barking, wild animals, etc.). We asked our facebook followers what they thought. Conclusion: animals are good to see, and when there are problems, it’s not the dogs that are the target. But masters!

Dog and motorhome… The subject is central. As proof, we have already published many articles on the subject, including: Dogs in motorhome areas, good practices, Our advice for traveling with a dog or even 10 accessories for your pet. You can also find on our site interviews with masters, letters from readers, presentations of vehicles and accessories. They’re all gathered in our Dog and Motorhome section.

Dogs and motorhomes: your opinions

The rings are placed on the outside of the camper to attach the rope. Photo 4-Pfoten Mobile.

We ask motorhome owners who subscribe to our facebook page if dogs are welcome on the sites. Here is a sample of the responses.

Cash: Luckily yes! Why is that not the case? Too many dogs are abandoned during the holidays! Our 2 dogs follow us everywhere, they are part of our family and therefore part of our motorhome getaways. A few years ago, we even brought our ferret that we walked on a leash!

Danny: My dog ​​is with us, still attached but beware of non-partners who attack my love child.

Mauricette: No problem for me. Dogs are welcome in the motorhome areas.

Martina: And as they say, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners!

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Jean-Rene: Jlove dogs, but the behavior of some owners makes me angry!

Gilles: Respectful dog owners are welcome. For others… You know those who don’t pick up dirt and don’t use a leash, that is, those who live for it. Those yes I do not appreciate, there is a whole education to do.

It can be: Dogs are generally better behaved than some motorhomes.

Ghislain: Yes, a minimum master’s education, and everything is fine. We leave room for needs, we leave room for play, and a tie so as not to go and upset friends.

Patrick: In places, I don’t know but in my campsite, they are welcome and free!

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Jennifer: There is a dog, of course I am for it. What bothers me are people who have no respect for anything, including the fact that they let their dog roam off leash, especially when it says “leash required”. Having my dog ​​always on a leash, the day he eats one, they have their eyes to cry. Respect for everyone.

Natalie: I go with my dogs or say MY dogs. They are all on a leash and the dirt is removed. When they show up, we calm them down. Dogs are cleaner than some people, releasing gray water in the area because they are too lazy to move and change, if they don’t leave the tank completely open. If places are closed to us, it’s not because of dogs, but because of dirty disrespectful people.

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Hashley: We are always with the motorhome. They rarely get attached because they are educated. They never roam around motorhome areas. We pick up the dirt and we choose places with space. The sardine boxes, we go for their comfort and also for ours.

Marilyn: I the dogs do not bother me, unless they bark constantly, when they come to urinate on the tires of my camper or the chairs, etc., or worse when they climb into my camper. It has arrived. A dog must not be off leash. Usually masters and ladies don’t care if they disturb people. I have a great relationship with motorcycle owners who have cute dogs, so there you have it.

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