Dog: why choose grain-free kibbles for your pet?

Dogs are like people, some will eat whatever they can get their hands on, whenever some have great difficulty digesting some of their foods… It can be physiological, for example we know that some breeds like Great Dane or Shar-Pei often have digestive problems. But it can also be temporary, for example, like our Weimaraner, after an intestinal obstruction that weakens its digestive system. On the advice of our vet, we went to Animalis, toask for advice on what to eat after this operation that almost took his life. We immediately followed the advice of an experienced salesman who recommended us cereal-free croquettes and we will explain to you why they facilitate the digestion of dogs

Digestion, essential for dogs…

Just like humans, a dog’s digestion is greatly facilitated by a quality diet. For dogs with digestive problems, it causes diarrhea, vomiting and farting… And, in periods of high heat, digestive problems such as acute diarrhea. can lead to dehydration or even hospitalization or, in extreme cases, death of the dog. Moreover, it is always not good for the dog to have digestive problems, and regular kibbles contain foods that can cause digestive problems, such as cereals that other dogs cannot tolerate.

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Why choose grain-free croquettes?

the grain free dog food usually brands, high quality croquettes, whose ingredients are mixed to avoid gastric reflux or irritation. In these foods, levels of protein, fiber and carbohydrates are added to help the dog’s digestion. In stores you will find them under the names “grain-free”, “easy digestion” or even indicating “facilitates digestion”. As for the flavors offered, they are usually more original than the classic “meat” or “chicken” and give your dog more palatability… We found, of course, beef and chicken, but also a lamb or salmon, our dog’s favorite… And we don’t always think of fish for dogs, but they love it!

Why are cereals difficult to digest?

Remember that the dog (or the cat) are carnivorous animals, and that they are not “equipped” to digest materials of vegetable origin, such as cereals … For dogs that do not have digestive problems, They are additional contributions but for others they are. a problem… In fact, grains added to animal feed mostly vegetable proteins low quality, which does not provide them with the amino acids they need… Arginine, or taurine, for example, important nutrients of animal origin, which cereals cannot provide.

How dangerous are cereals?

As we told you, it all depends on your dog, but as a general rule, grains can be dangerous for your hairballs for several reasons. Cereals contain mycotoxins which are actually natural molds that form during cereal harvest. And these molds are often responsible for digestive problems for weak or weak dogs through surgery and kidney problems. Dogs and cats have what is called a short digestive system, which does not allow them to properly break down cereals and requires a greater effort to digest… If your dog suffers from the problem of liver or kidney, cereals in all these forms should be prohibited from his diet, they only aggravate his pathology. Fragile or not, it is better for your dog to favor kibble or grain-free food… The dog, if it is domesticated, only eats meat, do we need to remind you?

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