Diablo Immortal: complete upgrade of your equipment, how much does it cost? The price will surprise you

news tips Diablo Immortal: complete upgrade of your equipment, how much does it cost? The price will surprise you

A few days ago Diablo Immortal was released on our mobiles as well as on PC, via a beta version. This release is still awaited, as this is the first time a licensed game has been ported to mobile! Unfortunately, since then, a lot of criticism has come, and especially of the economic model Activision Blizzard has chosen for its game…

An economic model in question

As we told you, this release of Diablo: Immortal is eagerly awaited by fans. In fact, we have long understood that Activision Blizzard is looking at mobile and intends to make several releases about it in the future.

So, we can say that they would have applied for the release of Diablo Immortal which is another major license on Blizzard’s side. In terms of content, if we go into initial feedback, the experience is pretty satisfying. But if you look at player feedback, you also notice a criticism that always comes, that’s the economic model.

Diablo Immortal is a free to play game. There is no charge to install and play it and that means that in order to make a profit, Blizzard will go through microtransactions. The pattern is known and games like Fortnite make it famous and already proven it’s sometimes more profitable than making the game pay for itself !

So, even if it doesn’t please some of the fans, we can suspect that a battle pass and purchase of cosmetic elements should be part of the game, but what’s really annoying is that microtransactions don’t stop there !

A pay-to-win game?

Because yes, if you have a battle pass and cosmetic elements to buy, it won’t stop there and Diablo Immortal will go further! In effect, you can definitely spend real money to repair your equipment, which still presents a problem.

What form does it actually take? Well, in the game, you have a dungeon called Ancestral Rift and this dungeon has a specific function. Basically, you can add emblems to increase your chances of theft.

Except that if these emblems can be purchased with game money, there is a legendary version that gives it even more theft. The problem with these legendary emblems, you can only buy one per month for in-game money. Then, you have to go to checkout.

It’s a bit borderline, but in the tweet below, see the difference in stealing between someone willing to pay $ 20 for an Ancient Rift run with legendary emblems and a run from someone playing without it emblems.

A staggering amount with the most equipment

A few days ago, it was Youtuber Bellular News that started a calculation to figure out how much you would have to spend on Diablo Immortal to have the most equipment and make it even bigger.

In fact, according to his calculations, it takes at least $ 110,000 or close to € 103,000 to successfully unlock Diablo Immortal’s best equipment. Some have fun calculating how long it will take to get the best item with the legendary emblem to buy each month and we come to almost 50!

So, we can understand the dissatisfaction of some players, especially because as we told you before games like Fortnite are quite useful in an economic model that it is, but in any case based solely on cosmetics.

So, if Activision Blizzard really wants to move to mobile in the future, it’s a safe bet that we need to act immediately, for example by raising the purchase limit for the legendary in-game currency emblemsunder penalty of seeing its audience flee the game and most of all possibly never return in future games.

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