Crypto toilets, BTC injection…: when the industry is playing mad scientist

The crypto sector is constantly attacking new technologies even if this means going beyond certain limits. Three projects have taken up the challenge of using crypto in a roundabout way.

When the needs generate cryptocurrency

Accepting crypto while continuing daily business seems to be the goal of many projects within the industry. But while entertainment or sports is an opportunity to generate some tokens in the middle of the action, the Korean researcher Cho Jae-weon decided to continue. He has actually developed toilets that can perform this function. At first glance ecological, it transforms the faeces of its users into methane, which is created through an anaerobic digestion process.

Source: Brian Roemmele’s Twitter account

Each user of this invention called BeeVi will then receive payment in cryptocurrency. However, you can’t expect to win BTC or ETH because a token, Ggool (FSM), was created especially for the occasion. According to the project’s whitepaper, BeeVi is already available at Ulsan University. Students who use it have the option to reuse their FSMs at the coffee and snack vending machines on campus. The creation of Cho Jae-won therefore does not allow you to become rich by doing your business but allows you to lighten the budget of the volunteers’ coffee.

From Bitcoin to inside yourself

What if it was possible to own BTC physically? This is the surprising bet that the BitMouse project has made. The goal is simple: enter BTC inside the mouse. Many tokens are earned by a community before being placed in a cold crypto wallet. The access key is then split, and then each piece is injected into different sequences of the mouse’s DNA. So it will bring the value of BTC that is inside the wallet created for the occasion. In other words: the higher the price of Bitcoin, the more expensive the mouse is like our crypto wallet.

According to the explanatory document published by the BitMouse team, the goal is that the original mouse to copy itself. Therefore, all his children will share the access key to the wallet. It will then be auctioned. However, for the project, there is no question of getting an animal to get the key: it should be valued in the same way as a usual work of art.

A bitcoin can be divided into many specimens, but when someone breaks the specimen to get the genetic information and thus remove the BitMouse, the other specimens lose their value.

Excerpt from the BitMouse project explanation document

So far, little information has been provided about the progress of the project. It is therefore impossible to know whether the project remains in the idea stage or whether it is currently in progress.

An NFT… that is no longer a simple work of art

With all this technology around us, how can we not feel alone? While crypto buildings are already in the news and non-fungible tokens can cover our walls, a project wants to add warmth to the decoration. In fact, even if it means having NFTs at home, why not make them real partners? Alethea AI already works with iNFTs. In other words, digital works combined with artificial intelligence.

Source: Alethea AI Twitter account

Anyone can create their own non-fungible token on the Alethea AI site. From personality to voice, there are many options to create your entity. After its creation, it can be saved in the metaverse of the project where the user can come and talk to it and interact with it. It is also possible to fight the NFT intelligence in question to get rewards. A proposal that seems scary at first but probably hides a way to improve the site’s artificial intelligence. Which suggests that the Bored Ape Yacht Club and other famous people might one day be able to talk to us easily.


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