Clémentine Célarié is 65 years old: what is her relationship with her three sons?

This Wednesday, October 12, marks the 65th birthday of Clémentine Célarié. The opportunity to see his relationship with his three sons, Abraham, Gustave and Balthazar, born to two different fathers and the three music lovers.

Clémentine Célarié will be 65 this Wednesday, October 12. An important anniversary, which he undoubtedly prepared to celebrate surrounded by his family and loved ones, especially his three sons: Abraham Diallo38 years old, born of her union with the Franco-Malian-Guinean bassist Henri Diallo, and Gustav31 years old, and Balthazar, 29, both from her union with Belgian director Christophe Reichert. It must be said that the actress is very close to her children, as she revealed in her book forbidden words, published in 2021: “My three sons are very loving, they are the best allies I have ever had. Three wonderful sons of kindness, generosity, honesty and talent. They are wonderful, amazing, I am so lucky to have them”, he writes with tenderness.

With what he considered his “soul brothers” and “art warriors”, Clémentine Célarié was even released an album in 2006, titled Family Groove. His eldest Abraham thus composed a duet with Eric Serra about fifteen funk-soul titles, where he sings with his mother and two brothers. The little family troupe continues the adventure on stage with the show Groo2ve during the Avignon Festival. Such a collaboration between the actress and her children is not so surprising… the one revealed in the film 37°2 in the morning always had a love for music, putting on his first musical show Flame n’co in 1988 and released their first album Not a woman’s soul in 1996.

© Agency / BestimageClémentine Célarié on stage with her sons Abraham and Gustave in April 2013.

Clémentine Célarié’s sons are accomplished artists

Clémentine Célarié passed on her love of music to her children. Better known as TismeAbraham Diallo became composer, beat-boxer and DJ, Hip-Hop fan. In the early 2010s, he was part of the group UNNO, where he released an album called AMAI, then he joined Art-Track Company in 2015 as a permanent DJ. Abraham also produced a solo EP, head of the clouds, before Instagram announced on September 12 thathe stopped the music, wishing “see other horizons”.

Gustave Reichert, for his part, jazz is preferred over hip-hop. Enrolled at the Bordeaux Conservatory and then at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London in 2011, Didier Lockwood found him when he returned to France a year later. The latter opened the doors to many concerts. The young man formed a group and album was released take in 2018. Clémentine Célarié’s youngest son, Balthazar, was also caught up in his mother’s artistic streak, became an actorPassion according to Didier2009, foul2006) musician, singer and dancer.

“He protected us”: Abraham Diallo talks about his mother’s cancer

on forbidden words, Clémentine Célarié not only talks about her relationship with her sons, but she also reveals Diagnosed with colon cancer in 2019. A trial he initially chose to face alone, seeking to save his sons by keeping secrets. “Sometimes the reactions can be a burden more than anything else. He protects us“, Abraham Diallo explained to Figaro in December 2021, believing that his mother’s kindness saved him and his siblings from pain and anxiety. The young men eventually learned of their mother’s illness despite herself: “I was fired with an email where I complained about chemo. I tried to laugh it off, saying it was just a polyp, but the more I lied, the deeper I sank. Since then, one of my daughters called me cancer entrusted the star to Cine TV Revue in November 2021.

Very weak during chemo, the mother of the family relied on Abraham, Gustave and Balthazar during this two-year fight against the disease. “My children are my first healers. The druids of all my ailments. They heal my wounds every day without knowing it”, he said on the microphone of RTL on the occasion of the release of his book. Now that she has recovered, Clémentine Célarié can devote herself fully to her sons and her career.

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