Chronicle of a summer in Nice: The beach at Hôtel Amour

Try to answer between the Promenade des Anglais and the aptly named rue des Fleurs, the confirmed center of a new wave in Nice called Amour.

A great night out experience at the beach

In the past, we would go to the beach of Baie des Anges to skate in our local color with solar amber, or even bravely crawl with treacherous roller coasters that plan to hammer the shins with vortex of pebbles. Correction. Before, we didn’t go to the beach. And now we are surprised to find ourselves there more than ourselves, in a skillfully orchestrated nocturnal undertow, which alternately projects us in front of a stage, worthy of the greatest festivals in the summer, or to raid the bar in search of a Moscow Mule. which, apparently, no one here has thought of boycotting, or even a pint of live wine (or LIVE if we consider the context) that we take in our beautiful bucket to the beach to set on a deckchair, under the stars to be exact. The shovel, is in the 3rde bottle, if you lack moderation.

At the bottom of the beach, the VIPs

After a water process that should be unknown in the Mediterranean but intensified by the months of avoiding the pandemic, the party, the only human activity that can free us from environmental anxiety, is found on the coast in Nice is a sexy enough situation to drop anchor and be attracted. , in successive waves, night owls in the sky and heard, high-flying DJ sets, pop rock figures who come to get their hits between two overflights of jets and others Brazilian nights that give summer Sundays in Nice the samba pageantry in Copacabana.

Less kisses and seashells than cocktails and 130 bpm at night, L’Amour à la plage transforms like Dr Jerry and Mister Love under the warm southern sun. We can do it later cool at will under a delicious pastel shade, among the laurels in bloom or VIPs incognito, that the chic summer dress translates without suspicion. If this revivalist scent of the antediluvian French Riviera inspires a map comfort food Mediterranean in tune, it tends to stimulate the creativity of the young pastry chef Lucas Spinelli, recently arrived in the kitchen, who admits both his love for traditional pastry and his appetite for fresh, gourmet desserts – in the product as well as it seems to be matched. -made for a tailor of sweets – even deliciously regressive, acclimatizing his Paname waffle, peanut or hazelnut (vegan and no glueof course) or his milkshake in a cloud, red fruit and coconut.

Roof of the world

And on the other hand, not in Vera Cruz but just a stone’s throw away, the Hotel Amour enjoys its peaceful surroundings and new found peace – the party that chose its summer quarters where you know. The Mediterranean took a more gloomy turn, as if through a maze of Cycladic white alleys or the real half-light of a taverna near the Plaka that only the Athenians could reach -ot (a constant dreamer).

Throughout the summer, the courtyard of the hotel looks like the Peloponnese, distilling flavors taken from reliable sources from the big names of Kalamata: Oil from Takis Gouzos, olives from Dragonas, feta from Nikos Memmos, bottarga from Trikalinos (which also provides sardines and anchovies) , oregano, honey from Mount Taygetos from Giorgos, pistachios from Aegina from Henri Paul. Unsuspected ingredients, cooking with warm family skills, the guarantee of a delicious trip without flight cancellation.

At night, the Greek love goes up several floors to perfume the stars with grilled smells by playing the ubiquity of a roof terrace where some tables for the happy few make a pocket that acropolis. From there, by the pool, you can enjoy another view of Nice, the capital of the Riviera with amazing reflections of the 21e district, whose now firmly established embassy promotes love. Great program, isn’t it?

Love the beach concerts
July 28, Juliette Armanet
July 30, Breakbot, Gaspard Augé, So-Me
August 3, Fire! Chatterton
August 4, Red Axes
August 11, Jennifer Cardini

Amour grec, patio and rooftop at Hôtel Amour
From 7pm, all summer long
Reservations: 04 65 27 10 10

Currents of Love, John Cassavetes

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