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Many men did not have an orgasm during their last electoral report, on the night of April 24, revealed in an IFOP poll conducted during the same night, which was celebrated on April 24, 2022. No orgasm, everything is a relief. Far from the same! There is no orgasm, and in many cases the need is not to stimulate it, but to imitate it.

True, the election is nothing but a stand out of air, but it’s all the same! The problem seems to be for us to require consultation with an electoral sexologist.

The matter is very serious which leads us to ask Samantha Atkinson, doctor of sexology and whose recent work seeks to examine this difficult question in the famous journal

Canadian Journal of Sexual Medicine, the official organ of the International Society of Sexual Medicine.

Samantha Atkinson, who is passing through Paris today, was very kind in answering our questions, over a coffee, on the terrace of the Deux Magots, on this cloudy afternoon on April 25, the day after the election.

The Quebec Canadian, Samantha Atkinson, did part of her studies in Paris in the 1970s. So she was fully proficient in our language, down to the smallest slang quirks. You decide for yourself.

Hello Samantha Atkinson. Thank you for explaining this relatively unknown topic, perhaps a little taboo, the simulation of orgasm. First of all, we answer the scientist, what do we mean by orgasm?

The term orgasm, from the Greek orgasmos, “bubbling with ardor”, is used to designate the physiological response to the highest part of sexual arousal. This term is considered synonymous with ecstasy. By releasing neuro-hormonal substances, such as oxytocin and prolactin, that it triggers, orgasm is responsible for a deep sense of well-being.

Thanks Samantha. Still for our readers, can you say a few words about the usual display of orgasm? This without going into more suggested details.

Trouble. These are essential bodily movements, differences in respiratory rhythm, moaning, even sometimes crying with joy in front of the television screen, stressful events, then relaxation of the muscles of the body and face, all. thing I have not developed, your Readers have all experienced and shown at least once an orgasm.

Talk to us now, Samantha, because this is our title, Reasons to simulate orgasm, talk to us now on the exact reasons, and especially on election orgasm simulations. What are they?

For many years, sexologists have been trying to list the reasons that led to this simulation. Let’s face it, if you ask orgasm simulators, their causes are like a catalog à la Prévert. And I thank my colleagues at Emerson College in Boston for putting some order into all of this, especially regarding the particular orgasm simulation in the election.

After identifying a sufficient number of reasons put forward to explain this simulation, they grouped them into 5 a priori highly coherent subsets. Let’s examine them individually:

– the first reason is “because it’s good to feel”, it’s good to feel to allow yourself to be carried away by the excitement of the moment, by the cries of joy and the giggles in front of the television screen. We want to be with them, even if we don’t have the same reasons. We want to get along.

– the second in more detail, refers to the desire to conclude the report, in this particular case, the report of the election result, a report which lasts a long time and which is considered by one to be unsatisfactory, which one wants to end. . Orgasm simulation makes it possible to close and turn the page,

– the third reason, which is more complicated, has to do with the conviction of feeling superior to others, by imitating their behavior.

With the background of a “poor idiots, poor idiots, you get angry right away!” »

-another reason, related to the immediate environment we perceive as a possible enemy, the fear of appearing abnormal, the fear that we will think we are a “bad trick”, the fear that we leave, that in divorce,

– finally, a more positive reason, that of emotional connection, to show his friendship with his colleagues on election night, to reassure himself about the good health of the small group in front of the television screen.

Samantha Dubray, we now ask you the question of practice presented as required in terms of political hygiene, that of protected intercourse and the use of a condom during the intromission, we would like to discuss in the bulletin section of ‘ urn.

Intromission is a term derived from the Latin intromissum, supine of the verb intromittere, “to bring, to introduce”. When the introduction is complete, an assessor in charge of the function informs the cantonade: “A

voted “.

Intro to a married man

This question of pre-intromission condoms was explored by my colleagues at Emerson College. Condoms are supposedly the way in which electoral allies, we mean voters, seek to preserve themselves from any shifting affection at the moment of the intrusion. We assure them, macronite cannot be passed through fornication.

We understand very well the symbolic use of condoms for some, but we assure them, the bulletin’s introduction, according to the report, does not need to be protected.

If condom use can be responsible for the difficulty of achieving orgasm and therefore the need to imitate it, even if the correlations are numerous, the study of my Boston colleagues does not formally address this. .

Samantha, what would you say to those who, refusing to simulate an orgasm, prefer to stay abstinent, in this case avoidance?

One of my close friends, Sophie and whatever the Comtesse de Ségur said, she was not happy in any way – on the contrary, and as this beautiful name from sophia shows, she was still given a good very wise – Sophie warns me about this question of avoidance – abstention. That’s not the question, he told me, there’s only restraint as much as restraint of a desire.

Avoiding desire such as smoking, drinking or eating, or even fornication; but with the electoral offer before us, we have no desire to hold back, but much will be lost. Abstention has no reason.

Last question Samantha Dubray. This is important for usability. Would you say that imitating in front of a television screen deceives your peers?

I don’t think that’s it. Imitation does not have to have negative consequences. However, the imaginary orgasm is not small. In an adult and honest relationship, emotionally and intellectually, even politically, the simplest and most responsible thing is to admit that you haven’t had an orgasm.

There is no obligation on the need for an orgasm, especially on the night of April 24, 2022. There is no obligation, even the slightest submission to this command. Abstinence is still a bit long until then, but many are booking a good shot in June.

Thank you Samantha Dubray for your explanations that are likely to make most of our readers feel guilty about their politico-sexual health.

This is our conclusion: The insubordination of orgasm in the election is not a sign of impotence or frigidity.

In addition to the daily Emancipation Policy section!

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