Carried by the Government: Macron Keeps the Weights and Surprises of Education

Four days after Elisabeth Borne was appointed to Matignon, and almost four weeks after Emmanuel Macron was re-elected, France had a new government. Earlier at 4:30 pm this Friday the inoxidable secretary general of the Elysée, Alexis Kohler, who was maneuvering with Emmanuel Macron to build this new government architecture, announced from the steps of the Elysée the first government of Elisabeth Borne : 17 full-time ministers (including 9 men), 6 deputy ministers (including 5 men) and 4 secretaries of state (4 women) for this first wave.

Emmanuel Macron chose to continue for this “new mandate”, as he said during his inaugural speech, with a “new president”. Because the Head of State is hiding most of his heavyweights – especially those from the right – for this second term: Bruno Le Maire, if his title is changed – Minister of Economy, Finance and Sovereignty industrial and digital -, remains one big Bercy and promoted to number two in the government. As a “consecration” for someone who has always promised that he or she wants to stay in this position.

He saw political Gabriel Attal arrive in Bercy, proving himself as a government spokesman, promoted by the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts. Traditionally a stepping stone. And a sensitive matter, with future measures of purchasing power.

Taking the risk

Another heavyweight from the right, Gérald Darmanin retained his position as Minister of the Interior and was promoted to number three in the government. As for Sébastien Lecornu, also from the right and very close to Gérald Darmanin, who has been a necessity of Emmanuel Macron since the big national debate, he was expelled from Overseas – where former president Lois Yaël Braun -Pivet – to Armies. .

The continuation also includes Clément Beaune, who holds a significant portfolio in Europe but is promoted by the Minister Delegate. In the end, the continuation – but also the taking of risk – of Justice with Eric Dupond -Moretti remaining the Keeper of the Seals, despite his conflicting relationship with the magistrates.

It is to Olivier Dussopt, who has so far managed Public Accounts and defector from left, that the heavy task of pension reform must be returned. Wise but always praised by Emmanuel Macron – he managed during the first five -year term to pass public service reform – he was promoted to Minister of Labor, Full Employment – a major goal in five years term – and Integration.

Also the Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and People with Disabilities, Damien Abad was the prize winner of the LR, who left the presidency of the LR group in the National Assembly on Thursday. Among other things, he has to handle the risky and technical issue of paying origin benefits.

Open the page

For the important issue of ecological transition, Emmanuel Macron selected two outgoing women, the female duo of Amélie de Montchalin, Minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion and Agnès Pannier-Runacher, who are from the energy transition industry.

The only real surprise – a major – was the arrival of the Ministry of National Education and Youth of historian Pap Ndiaye, 56 years old. To date the director of the museum on the History of immigration, specialist on the black question and practices of racial discrimination in France and the United States, he has supported socialist François Hollande for the 2012 presidential election.

A bet when Education was announced as one of the major projects in the five-year term. And a symbol that clearly turns the page on Jean-Michel Blanquer. What a launch of world-class consultations to teach in an atmosphere that is undoubtedly less tense than that exemplified by Jean-Michel Blanquer. Another surprise from this new team was the arrival of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Chiraquian Catherine Colonna, hitherto ambassador to London.

No left grip

As for former Health Minister Olivier Véran, who was heavily involved during the Covid era, he was able to remain in government as the Minister’s Delegate for Parliamentary Relations. A post where this politician, shattered by the mysteries of Parliament and who is not afraid of political clashes, risks being too useful in the pot that the National Assembly will be after the legislative election. It replaces Modem Marc Fesneau, which has become a valuable cog for many, promoted by Agriculture.

Relatives of Emmanuel Macron also entered: LREM general delegate Stanislas Guerini in the dangerous post of Minister of Transformation and Public Service or even, for Culture, his Elysée adviser Rima Abdul-Malak. Julien Denormandie, who was very close to Emmanuel Macron, hung up on political gloves for a while to dedicate himself to his children.

“Neither audacity nor change”

This team, on the other hand, did not include any new political decisions from the left but welcomed a relative of Edouard Philippe for his party’s “quota” in Horizons, Angers mayor Christophe Béchu , appointed Minister Delegate in charge of the Local Authority. .

More than three weeks before the legislative election and while the reserve period for ministers begins on Monday, this new government is not surprisingly angry from the opposition. “A very liberal government. Neither courage nor renewal. Everything is dull and gray. The Macron II order is starting to tiptoe. But in a month everything will change,” France Insoumise leader Jean-Luc dismissed. Mélenchon. ”Economy, security, justice: all that has failed so badly has been reformed. What a contempt for the French! “Marine Le Pen responded to the RN. He also did not fail, to attack the arrival of Pap Ndiaye,” believed indigenist “, he attacked.

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