Carole Dechantre (The Mysteries of Love): her husband quickly returns home after a freak accident!

The actress of “The Mysteries of Love” enjoyed summer holiday in French Polynesia. As he shared on his Instagram account, Ingrid’s interpreter is with her family. Unfortunately, the family had to return to France earlier than expected. And for good reason, Carole Dechantre’s husband was the victim of an accident. One who suffers from skin cancer Everything is explained on his Instagram account.

The filming of “Mystery of Love”

The filming of the next episodes of the series “The Mysteries of Love” ends at the end of June 2022. Jean-Luc Azoulay, the producer of the series, likes to put the heroes of the series in funny situations. TMC viewers follow the adventure of the heroes that usually ends somewhat contorted positions.

Recently, the series became the subject of criticism from internet users. Some think the series is starting to lean too much towards scenes that are a little more intimate. Even Cathy Andrieu, the actress who played the role of José’s ex shared her opinion. His current role is in a three-way polyamory relationship.

According to him, the series is lacking “events outside of se*ual”. For Cathy Andrieu, there is not enough friendly intrigue on “The Mysteries of Love”. In response to these comments, producer Jean-Luc Azoulay was completely open. He was aware of the frequency of these scenes, but he confirmed that it was just a phase.

According to him, “The Mysteries of Love” more modern. The producer is trying to keep up with the times of the strange couple. However, Jean-Luc Azoulay clarified that the series “no fucking”.

Carole Dechantre’s husband was seriously injured

As for Carole Dechantre, the actress He has not yet commented on his role nor the fate of his character. Ingrid used to be the villain on duty, but now she’s helping her friends and ready to save the world. The development of her character pushes the tall brunette to become even more irresistible with the twists and turns of the series.

This summer, she vacationed with her husband and two children in French Polynesia. Unfortunately, an accident disrupted their little family. Throughout their vacation, the actress always publish photos on his Instagram account. To the surprise of her community, Carole Dechantre announced that they were canceling the trip.

The mother then explained the reason to the family. In fact, her husband, Sébastien, fell through a porthole on the deck of the boat. Sébastien needs good treatment for his knee, hence his return to France.

So by leaving the emergency room the couple ended their vacation in French Polynesia. A period that one does not want to experience while staying abroad. Despite this disaster, Carole Dechantre kept her spirits up.

In fact, the important prognosis of his partner not that disturbing. He then wrote that next Monday they will travel to Switzerland to see a surgeon.

“Other than that, everything is fine…”, says the interpreter of Ingrid that we will soon find on our screens.

“The Mysteries of Love” soon in TMC

For the husband of Carole Dechantre, the summer holidays 2022 will be accompanied by memories of this unfortunate accident. He definitely spends time in bed. His wife will soon return to the service for her role.

Ingrid made a unexpected return to spoil the holidays of Laly and Jose. And this, before being kidnapped. As for other actors in the “Mystery of Love”, the start of the school year is almost here. There is only one week left before Hélène Rollès and her colleagues resume their work for new episodes.

Jimmy, Olga and Bénédicte will face a big surprise in Water sport. The truth about Alban revealed. Fans of the series will see Fanny and Christian leave Nashville. The two met there to record a new album.

It has been confirmed by the producer of the series the absence of Sébastien Courivaud in this new era. According to Jean-Luc Azoulay, the one in “Helen and the Men” don’t want to go back. He explained that he would not force Sébastien Courivaud to change his mind.

The producer said that Sébastien became a photographer and “does many things”. From Sunday August 28, the new season created by Jean-Luc Azoulay will air on TMC.

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