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Mission Table, History, Mythic+, Dracthyrs …

Blizzard answered player questions about the expansion Dragonflight at the end of the day on Twitter. Find the most important information below.


  • Good progress in expansion. Alpha is about to arrive.

New extension

  • Every WoW expansion is a new beginning, a chance to come back and be on the same level as everyone else.
  • If there is a part of World of Warcraft It’s taken your imagination for a long time and you haven’t felt it in the last two years, Dragonflight returning to pure fantasy, exploration and story discovery by meeting characters on your way, this is an ideal opportunity to return to Azeroth.
  • This expansion is the opportunity and return to classic fantasy themes that made us love such games in the original.

Improvements in quality of life

  • The team moves away from temporary power and focuses on core systems such as talents and professions. It was a decision that had been made even before shadows launched.
  • Feedback lets the team know how unsatisfactory it is to lose this temporary power. The loss of your Artifact or Legendary Items will start to expand in a negative way.
  • Knowing that what you get during an extension disappears is a negative even during it.
  • The team wants to allow players to play the game the way they want, and not have to do activities they don’t enjoy to get what they want.
  • The team figured out how alt and catch-up mechanics would work in a way they hadn’t done before.
  • Almost everything except getting equipment needs to be account bound.
  • Walking a linear story should be optional after the first time.
  • Leveling up your Dragonflight with multiple characters is not a satisfying experience.
  • Developers always ask if you’re happy after the second time, or if you’ll come back later.
  • If your dragon can fly higher, farther, and has more abilities, the team won’t want you to re-learn things in your alts. The same goes for cosmetic customizations.
  • Aside from the powering things, if you do something once as a player, you have to be able to do it again with another character if you want to, but don’t have to.
  • The goal is to be more open to secondary characters from the start, not something to add in future patches.
  • There was no pain for months and no feedback-related changes, the developers knew that players would play their secondary characters from the first week.

Dracthyr starting spot

  • You come into complete mystery and you wake up after a long stasis. This one affects your memory, and all you know is that you’re in a barracks, with friends in trouble.
  • You wake up your friends and try to figure out what happened, what caused it.
  • You know you’ve been asleep for a long time.
  • It’s a journey of discovery, to understand what happened to you and Neltharion.
  • You discover that you have been made a soldier, to protect against a threat that is about to come. You know what the threat is and that it is also waking up again.
  • It’s fun to see how the dragons react, even Alexstrasza doesn’t know you exist.
  • The Dracthyr starting area will be used for more than that. Everyone will get there in the end.

reputation system

  • The reputation system has not changed since 2004.
  • The Congregations of shadows works well, with a clean Renown interface.
  • We meet at ‘Major Factions’, with a clear and elegant progression of rewards.
  • Everyone has their own enough. Unlike the Covenants, you can switch between them and focus on whatever you want.
  • Congregations have time limits but this system can be more flexible.
  • Other rewards can be account bound, such as opening a cosmetic item or accessing an area, but not items that give you power.

Mission record

  • No mission table provided Dragonflight.


  • There’s an epic ending involving the characters we help during the expansion.
  • The team wants the players to feel optimistic and hopeful for the dragons. It’s up to you who your adventure and land partner is.
  • On the theme, this expansion is about dragons, the threats they face, the goals they have, what we do to help them, and what other dragons do to stop them.


  • The dungeons of shadows and War for Azeroth thrown for Mythic+. Pandaria mists some interesting in Challenge Mode.
  • The team is open to adjusting dungeons to give them the modern gameplay that Mythic + requires.
  • Each Mythic+ Season should be a new experience, just like attacks with new attacks.
  • Not likely but it is possible to use dungeons classical in Mythic+. They are very late visually and mechanically. The team likely put a limit on Pandaria mists. Anything older needs a major overhaul.


  • Dracthyrs are a class that uses intelligence.
  • The devs thought for the weapons the same as the one used by the Shaman, without shields, but with swords.
  • The latter probably had no access to the Mage Tower in the beginning.
  • The Dracthyrs have access to the Torment, the Tower of the Damned.
  • No Artifact or Class Hall.
  • The artists added many different customizations for the same form. There will be a preparation article where they will discuss the options in more detail.
  • They are not from one race either Dragonflightbut a combination of the best of it.
  • When you wake up, you are in dragon form. There is a point in the story when you go out into the world and you have to tap your mortality and show off your humanoid form.
  • A Tank Specialization is not possible. It’s a kind of spellcasting in essence.
  • The team didn’t close the door on a third specialist, but Tank couldn’t. Past heroic classes have Tank options, so this is a worthy covered role.


  • Chromie works great. shadow land add to it.
  • War for Azeroth will remain the default experience for new players, but this may change in the future.
  • shadows there are complex story concepts for new players.


  • Anger and the Other Aspects has a lot of time -lapse stories to be had in Dragon Isles.
  • In Patch 9.2.5, something will happen in Tirisfal, which may include Calia Menethil, the Abandoned, and more.
  • If the team adds new character customizations, such as those in Patch 8.1, thanks for a story opportunity.

Flying behind dragons

  • Flying as it exists is similar to swimming in the air. There is no momentum, physics or gravity.
  • Flying has the potential to shorten the world, eliminate danger, reduce exploration.
  • Ultimately, practicality is paramount, so the team gives players the fly after a few hours of expansion.
  • With the launch this season, developers want to create something new and exciting, rather than just grounded.
  • In the first or second leveling zone on the first day of expansion, you gain the confidence of a dragon companion that you can summon. Basically, they have limited strength and experience.
  • There is a stamina bar that will go down as you gain stamina or movement.
  • Classic flying is always a long plan for Dragonflight.
  • The dragon flight we have seen in the videos so far is the beginning of the experience.
  • How you improve your dragonflight is yet to be determined. Developers don’t want to tie it to a specific type of content because that carries limitations.
  • In the long term, allowing the dragon to fly outside the Dragon Isles is a possibility. In the short term, it is an extension -specific feature, occurring in an environment designed for it. Player feedback is key.


  • The armistice was signed at the end of War for Azeroth is the starting point for cross-faction groups. Players will remember that it was a cooperative adventure.
  • Everything is unforgettable between the Alliance and the Horde, there is always a feeling and mistrust.
  • We see some characters working together that was previously impossible.
  • In a way, it’s not so much the storytelling that adapts to a new mechanic, but the mechanics that adapts to the narrative of the past. Situational cooperation to overcome common threats is a regular thing Warcraft.
  • Cross-faction guilds may exist, but there are many technical challenges.
  • Community feedback and engineering progress will determine how it works.


  • There is no temporary power at this time.
  • The team will not restore most of the systems Shadwolands. There are tools, external advances, and universal currencies that can help deepen your power advancement.
  • The outside world experience should stand on its own for players who only enjoy this part of the game.
  • There is a version of the Great Vault, with a few minor tweaks. This is a clear upgrade to a one-time loot box.


  • Tuskarr can be very powerful as an Allied Race.
  • Alexstrasza saw a lot of destruction done by the dragons of mortals and by the dragons themselves. He is optimistic, but understands the feelings of past actions. Maybe he has something specific about Death Knights. Conditional search text where there is a relevant backstory for the character is a good thing.
  • Discover Azeroth: Northrend has a lot of cool information.
  • While working on this collection, the team met with Inuit to see how to add some stories in a polite and appropriate way.

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