“Bitcoin is a currency of love that inspires action for peace” – This is why

From war resistance to the social justice movement, activists have engaged in countless uphill battles. Their vigorous efforts, instead of bringing positive results, seem to keep them in an endless struggle. Now, a computer breakthrough has changed that. Bitcoin, by empowering individuals, is starting to turn the world around. In this article, I will show how bitcoin is a currency of love and how it inspires creative action in ordinary people, producing social change.

1969 “Bed-in for peace”: In protest against the Vietnam War, newlyweds John Lennon and Yoko Ono invite the press to their bed in the Amsterdam Hotel. Thus they show a new way of promoting peace.

In 1971, in the midst of the Vietnam War, John Lennon released a song byinspiration. “Imagine” asks people to imagine a world where people are united in peace. Later, with the message “Give Peace a Chance”, John and Yoko Ono emphasized the importance of love, showing it as the ultimate cure for violence.

More than half a century after their plea for peace, the war game played by a minority intensified. The continued rise to power of an exclusive group extends the hegemonic dominance of petrodollars and provokes military actions for resource control. After the tragedy of 9/11, America’s war on terror, including the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, has spread fear and hatred and made the world more dangerous.

Today, these destructive forces continue the geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the increase of the military power of the United States through the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Europe.

Love, as a powerful force capable of changing the world, is suppressed in our society. This is because of our current monetary system and the economy built on it.

money as debt

Fiat currency was declared legal tender by government decree; it has no intrinsic value. This type of money is actually debt, in the form of an IOU. See also: 7 things to know about crypto Cardano (ADA), to read before thinking about investing!. Its circulating supply is controlled by central banks, which lend people money in exchange for an obligation to pay interest.

This debt based money is used to create a more consumerist economy that gives unfair advantages and benefits to those who are close to printing money. By taking energy and resources away from hardworking people, the system is basically stopping our hearts. It crushes our will to experience joy and love.

We can see this in our relationship with our jobs. For most people, work has become something they are forced to do for their livelihood. Most of them work meaningless 9 to 5 jobs, doing things they don’t like to do.

Furthermore, this centralized monetary system gave rise to what Andrew Ross describes as a “creditocracy” – a society in which the state serves the interests of a class of creditors and traps the public in debts they cannot afford. . Whether it’s credit cards, student loans, or medical bills, people who take on a lot of debt have become indentured servants. Economic forces are used to suppress love, the source of creativity.

Satoshi’s Gift to the People

Fortunately, the invention (discovery?) of bitcoin has released a powerful force that can defeat the forces of destruction in the world. See also: The best cryptos to buy this month: Calyx Token (CLX), XRP (XRP) and TRON (TRX). At the beginning of bitcoin is the passion of love, which is reflected in the work of its mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

When our actions come from our love for the work itself, we usually do not expect anything in return. We act freely, not at the dictation of external forces or out of a sense of obligation, but by engaging in that activity that brings us joy and happiness. It has its own value. This feeling of love is a gift. It is not something we create, but it arises spontaneously within us. If we choose to act from that love, we will receive that gift that has been given to us.

Satoshi is working tirelessly to create a great monetary protocol, with no fees and no guarantee of its results. Through his labor of love, by joining his own pursuits of intrinsic value, he discovered a gift for humanity.

Bitcoin, with its fixed supply limit, is a new type of asset-based currency. The emergence of this new asset opens up new possibilities, where people can free themselves from the fictitious interest obligations imposed by private banks.

In a debt-based financial system, the recipients of money may be borrowers who receive promissory notes for payment. With bitcoin, on the other hand, recipients owe nothing. The work brought by the love of the action itself, established by its creator, does not create a need for the return of a recipient in the meaning “I owe you”. Such an act does not create a debt. It creates a new line of action that does not bind individuals through an expectation and demand for payment.

A networked heart

Bitcoin opens a path to the heart. Inspired by Satoshi’s creation, people started following their love swing. On the same topic: Ethereum: This Is The Key To Solving ETH’s SRM Centralization Issues – This Is It. Many of them jumped into the unknown, quit their old jobs in fiat currency and claimed the gift – to discover and develop their talents and skills. From developers to wallet providers to meme creators, people all over the world are starting to use their time and energy to add value to this technology.

Thanks to the acts of love freely performed by individuals, coordinated by the consensus algorithm, a dynamic market is created. Through the synchronization of the rhythmic expansion and contraction of our heart, a new life begins, producing block by block of 10 minute beats.

Bitcoin can be considered as our networked heart that works 24/7 non-stop. Through our acts of love, a new currency enters circulation to create the flow of economic activities. The power of love distributed through a network begins to break the slavery of debt. Now, more than 13 years after the first bitcoin block was mined, the donation circle started by Satoshi continues. The generosity of an early bitcoin adopter and philanthropist (who wishes to remain anonymous) is behind the Bitcoin Beach project in a small mountainous country in Central America. Then the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, who recognized the importance of Bitcoin, took a big political risk by making his country the first to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

Unwavering optimism

Bukele’s courageous act has given hope to the people of El Salvador. He gave the common people a chance to end the era of neoliberalism that stole their future. Courage becomes contagious. OG Bitcoiners Max Keizer and Stacy Herbert traveled to El Salvador with unwavering optimism. Together with Cory Klippsten, the founder of Swan Bitcoin and Bitcoiner Ventures, they launched El Zonte Capital, an investment company that facilitates hyperbitcoinization.

A creative couple, now American expats, bet on the successful transformation of a country long exploited by the Monetary Fund international working for the interests of the American people. They hold educational activities and workshops to help locals acquire skills and knowledge to claim their own individual sovereignty.

Keizer, reporting from the front lines of the financial war, noted positive changes taking place:

In El Salvador, 70% of unbanked Salvadorans now have the ability to use bitcoin as currency. Tourism grew by 82.8% in the first half of 2022. With increased prospects for economic growth, more and more El Salvadorans who were forced to flee the country are finding their way home.

Give peace a chance

Bitcoin is the currency of love backed by our passion. Love knows no bounds. It crosses different shapes and colors of national flags, transcends borders to touch people’s hearts.

Now, a new game is expected. Samson Mow, the founder of gaming company Pixelmatic and former Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream, ignites the global gaming spirit. Together with JAN3, a bitcoin technology company focused on the mass adoption of bitcoin, this peace-loving diplomat is engaging with nation states to align bitcoin incentives to reduce conflict and strengthen the unity.

“I want peace now. We can have peace if we want it now,” John Lennon told the world. He reminds us that all we have to do is awaken the power that is within us.

We cannot fight to end the war and stop the destruction of the world. We can only overcome violence if each of us creates our own creative power of love. Thanks to the consensus network inspired by our imagination, we can now give peace a chance.

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