Battlefield 2042: another abandoned game mode, another bad signal sent by players?

Game News Battlefield 2042: another abandoned game mode, another bad signal sent by players?

In fact, life in Battlefield 2042 is very complicated. After a chaotic launch which saw players gradually abandoning servers, season 1 was posted and since then the developers have struggled to fix what could have been done.

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EA and DICE have no there is no intention for you to give up Battlefield 2042, even if it takes time and necessity sacrifice some content to achieve this. Two weeks ago, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, revealed that the vision for the game is long overdue. He added that there is still work to be done, but only once the base should be sanitizednew things will happen.

Combat has lost one of its main modes

In the meantime, and while Season 1 is coming Finally, DICE “degrease the mammoth”. On May 18, DICE announced that The 128-player Breakthrough mode, one of the game’s biggest promises, is gone. In question? The balance of the parties, which failed to find DICE. Concrete, there are too many players, creating constantly chaotic situations, which excessively limits the impact of everyone’s actions. By reducing the mode to 64 players, DICE hopefully the games will be more tacticalwith little fuss and plenty of opportunities to stand out.

Hazard Zone mode is shelved, failing to find its location

Battlefield 2042: another abandoned game mode, another bad signal sent by players?

We thought we’d stop going back to this signature mode, but we just knew that the other mode is left. In a recent blog post detailing upcoming changes and additions, DICE explained that no there is no more improvement around Hazard Zone modebut that he not removed. The latter is reminiscent of Hunt: Showdown, because you have to go and retrieve data on a squad of three more players, then get yourself out before you die because death means failure.

(…) We have stopped the future development of the Hazard Zone. All of us on the team have high ambitions and high hopes for this new Battlefield experience throughout our development, but we were the first to know that it has yet to be seen in Battlefield 2042 and that we will benefit. better focus and concentrate. our strength in the modes you play the most.

The team will intervene if bugs affect the existing experience or if strange things happen, but progress stops means that the new maps currently being developed will no longer be lost in Hazard Zone mode.

The Hazard Zone will still be part of the experience, we haven’t disabled it, but beyond fixing critical errors and strange behaviors that may appear in the future, we are no longer actively developing new- experiences or content for the mode, and you can see that the maps we release in our times are not supported in the Hazard Zone.

Work on the maps continues, for a more in -depth experience

Battlefield 2042: another abandoned game mode, another bad signal sent by players?

The rest of the blog post focuses on improvements to the environments, and features that make some modes work better than others. At the heart of these developments, we will see the return of the Kaleidoscope card, which is scheduled to take place near the end of Season 1 in August. We talked richer environmentnew cover options and destructive elements that improve the course of the game. Other maps will get reworked, starting with Renewal.

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