Bad news for all fans of the Netflix series, an actor is leaving!

To allow you to wait until the release of the sequel to the series, Sex Education season 4 on Netflix, we have new information to reveal to you!

Know without delay everything we already know about the Netflix series series, Sex Education season 4.

After some initial revelations, we now know more about the cast of the program. So, hurry down below to find out more about the fourth season of the Sex Education series!

Sex Education season 4, a sequel eagerly awaited by fans of the series

Sex Education is a TV series that has been aired on the Netflix streaming platform since 2019. Right now, you can watch the first two seasons of the series there, if you haven’t already.

In this series, you will meet a small group of teenagers. The gang attended Moordale High School. Then you follow their daily life and witness their first romantic relationship but their first personal dramas. You will then meet Ottis. This somewhat reserved teenager has never had a boyfriend.

However, this did not stop him from becoming a true expert on romantic relationships and sex. It must be said that his mother was a very famous sexologist. Very quickly, the young man falls under Maeve’s spell. The young woman, though rebellious, had remarkable intelligence. He would also convince Ottis to set up a clandestine high school consulting firm to help students with their romantic relationship.

If you’ve already finished watching the first two episodes of the series, you should be looking forward to seeing Ottis and his friends again in the Sex Education series. So, go straight to the bottom to find out all about the Stranger Things season 4 series!

The actress quit the Netflix series

The fourth season of the Sex Education series is slowly starting to unfold. So we got some bad news. It is learned that an actress present in the first three seasons has decided to leave the series.

So he won’t be coming back this fourth season. It’s actress Simone Ashley who plays Olivia’s character. The young woman then announced that she would no longer attend the program and that she was now a Bridgerton. In fact, Kate’s role in the series The Bridgerton Chronicle was also later banned.

An actress has left Sex Education season 4

It can be very complicated for him to shoot these two series. So the fourth season of Sex Education will be rich in changes and innovations. In fact, two new transgender characters will join the cast.

They will take on the role of Kent and Abbi, two new students at Moordale. To find out more about Ottis ’next adventures, don’t miss the release of the fourth season of the Sex Education series on the Netflix streaming platform!

What is the release date of the Sex Education season 4 series?

So far, we don’t yet know the official release date of the fourth season of the Sex Education series on the Netflix streaming platform. However, we can still give you some information. So it looks like the shooting hasn’t started yet. So you have to wait many months before you can see Ottis and his friends on all your screens. In fact, the fourth season of the Sex Education series should not be broadcast on the Netflix platform before the year 2023 begins.

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