Aurillac Festival. Eponymous: a combination of deep love and terrifying brutality

Eponyme, the first show of Lilian Versange, a native of Cantal, at the Aurillac Festival (©.)

La Voix du Cantal: What “type” of performance should the audience expect? What are the topics covered?

Lilian Versange : “Eponyme” is a stand-up show, which means I’m alone on stage, with a microphone, and I talk while joking. Those unfamiliar with stand-up may find out Blanche Gardin : Well, that’s what I did. Without vintage clothing.

In the show, I talk about my life in Brusselss and the difference in my native Cantal. I told a little about my journey in the last few years, my struggles, the imprisonment.
The heart of the show is around the climate change : looks like I chose my summer well…
I shared my concerns related to the electoral process, my frustration at not seeing leaders act more, my experience with non-violent civil disobedience.
Most of all, I want to convey my desire to live better, without this sword of Damocles (or Mother Nature) hanging over my head. And for that, we awaken a healthy aggressiveness. A mixture of deep love and terrifying brutality. And there are swear words, and sexual references. I do not recommend for children under 14.

LVDC: How did this idea for a show come about? How long did it take you to write it?

LV : The idea was there for 5 years, and my stand-up debut. I always wanted to act for the planet, and I had a disappointing experience as a “sustainable development consultant”. It was my last job as an engineer, and I decided to reorient myself, a bit like an open scrum in rugby suddenly going in another direction.
Writing is changing, imprisonment is a difficult time: we need the public to exchange, and feel where to go. This is the reality of our profession. After that, I tried a lot in Brussels, especially in a committed stand-up scene that we managed with friends.
Finally, writing has made great progress in recent weeks, with the imminent arrival of the Aurillac festival. A performance is a living being that we bring. And in these last days, as I returned to the city of my childhood, he kicked me in the stomach! My water even broke this morning.

LVDC: Is this your first Festival?

LV : As an artist, yes! Otherwise, I’m a regular. I love this moment, this atmosphere, and the great diversity of artistic forms.
I don’t know if we can measure how lucky we are to have access to everything, here, in the middle of the diagonal of the void.

Videos: now on Actu

LVDC: Is street theater your job? Your passion?

LV : Yes, humorist, this is my job. I did this full time for a few years. I split my time between writing and acting, but I also lead workshops. They forced me to study processes, to understand tricks, to find methods, to dissect sketches.
In the end, I’m still an engineer. Engineer of humor, for the benefit of sustainable development. I also observe the way the participants work, their needs, their desires, and that brings me a lot.
I have not yet reached financial equilibrium. But Zuckerberg also took his time.

LVDC: What is your best memory of the Festival?

LV : I have a picture of the public captivated by “The beauty of the world” by Ch’tou, from Qualité Street. It is a beautiful and funny show that calls for awareness. The public felt connected to this point of his speech, this group atmosphere there, gave me chills.
This show was a great source of inspiration for my path, from the beginning.
Like a star that shines so high, in a sometimes thick night.

Eponym. At Tivoli 2, pastille 119, at 11:45 am, every day. Duration: 60 minutes.

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