At 53, Barbara started selling ice cream on a scooter for the love of freedom.

Among the things that made Barbara decide to take the plunge? No longer locked. (© Ivan Capecchi / Strasbourg News)

“Hello sir! A little ice cream? “Yes, hello, I will allow myself to be tempted!” It would be a mango ice cream for Monsieur, whose little dog at his feet was tickling impatience at the idea of ​​a drop falling to the ground, the heat hot wave this mid-May is clearly playing in its favor.

“Bichette” – don’t call her Barbara, no one calls her – like her stand: sparkling.

At 53, this Strasbourg resident embarked on a pretty crazy adventure: sell ice cream on a scooter.

Longing for new and freedom

To explain this choice, Barbara cites a number of factors.

First, he didn’t want to go back on RECONCILIATION, a sector in which he has worked since his arrival in Strasbourg three years ago. Incredible working hours, fatigue and wage poverty, were all behind him.

Even during her installation in Strasbourg, Barbara returned to cycling, she who had not cycled “in over 15 years”. It’s one of his sons, “passionate about cycling” and co-founder of Kooglof !, a Strasbourg food delivery service, an ethical and ecological alternative to Deliveroo, that puts him back in the saddle, dugang pa.

Then, “from the wide open spaces, from the volcanoes of Auvergne”, Barbara did not “want[t] can no longer be locked up ”. Above all, he wants to be “free”.

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Among the things that made him decide to take the plunge?  No longer locked up, like when he worked in the restaurant industry.
Currently, Barbara has no route map. (© Ivan Capecchi / Strasbourg News)

“Older people have children’s eyes, it’s so cute”

And then there’s this crush on the internet. It was candy pink – although she didn’t like pink, but the heart had reasons for no known reason – and pastis yellow. What immediately caught his eye? The “beauty of the past”. “People want the authenticity of it,” he said.

Inevitably, upon her arrival, Barbara, who started her new activity more than 10 days ago, rarely went unnoticed. “The first time I got out, motorists were slow to say to me: ‘Hey hello, that’s great, it’s been 40 years since we saw that!’ “, he laughed.

she appreciate this contact with peoplethe kids “running in all directions” and the “old people with children’s eyes, so cute”.

Here, there is no “industrial junk”

Vanilla, chocolate, mango or Smurfs: Only Barbara’s scooter has content artisanal ice cream. That means it is supplied by an artisan ice cream maker. And you can feel it right away.

“They are so good! They’re not industrial waste, ”summarizes Barbara, who eats them every day and has a soft spot for the taste of yogurt.

Among the things that made him decide to take the plunge?  No longer locked up, like when he worked in the restaurant industry.
Count 1.5 € for a ball. (© Ivan Capecchi / Strasbourg News)

“I don’t know what I put in, but I got into it! »

Currently, Barbara has no prepared itinerary. “I’m still looking for myself”. He also said he was open to private activities, if requested.

Overall, the long-term viability of the project is unclear. “Since I started I had a tire that exploded, on the second day I had no brakes, the fourth it was raining, in the very heat no one was there … I don’t know what I got in, but I got in. it is! “, She cried.

However, he carries on 70 kilos on his stand with a smile (and a little help from the electric help of his bike), convinced he had chosen the path, albeit winding, to freedom.

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