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As summer approaches, the desire to walk around the city is growing. Whether it’s shopping, sitting on the terrace or buying a small thing to eat, it’s always nice to bring a pitou. The big question remains: if I want to stop somewhere, can my dog ​​come back with me?

Many businesses now accept animals on terraces, and even indoors. Of course, dogs accepted into these establishments need to be calm and kept on a leash. Chaotic furry friends may not be allowed.

In addition, some areas accept dogs, but according to more specific criteria such as the size of the animal and the number of people on the terrace. This list does not include them focusing on areas that welcome the pitou at all times.

The Grand Limoilou

A day without rest is different for everyone. Are you more of a coffee or booze type? To take or eat at? In any case, the Grand Limoilou is full of options. Nectar and the Smith House at 3e Avenue allows you to come back with your fur, as well as sit on the terrace. It is also possible to buy a special coffee at Société des Cafés without having to tie your dog up outside.

At the end (or in the middle) of the day, the terraces of the microbreweries SNO, Brasserie Générale and Brasseurs sur demande welcome you with your furry friends. They are also welcomed later inside, if the weather is not very good. You can also grab your drinks at Tite Frette.

Here are some Limoilou addresses where you can go with your pet:

Saint-Roch and Saint-Sauveur districts

If you are on the south side of the Saint-Charles River, you have the option to go to La Barberie. Dogs are welcome here. Bowls of fresh water are available so they too can quench their thirst. It is also possible to go to the Noctem microbrewery and have fun on the terrace. Of course, the Nektar neighborhood is accessible to order there with your dog.

For you, there is nothing better than a good book to read by day? Librairie Pantoute opened its doors to stray dogs. As long as you live in one of the borough’s many parks, you can stop at La Place and buy some Quebec products to enhance your day with local flavors.

When you move to the Saint-Sauveur district, there are already many places to stop with your dog.

Three locations will welcome you at all times with your pets: Café Saint-Suave, Diner and Boulangerie Louis Marchand. You can stay with them to trade, order or sit on the terrace. Also, Julio Taqueria allows dogs in the restaurant outside of peak hours, and at all times on the terrace.

Did you know …

Restaurants Julio Taqueria, Chez Tao and JJacques are named after dogs
founding owners: Jules, Tao and Jacques.

For Chez Tao, the concept only allowed them to be accepted on the terrace. Also, if Griendel offers itself a terrace this year, they will be welcome there. For a drink to grab, the Superette du Diner welcomes you with joy. Of course, rush hour isn’t the best time to bring your four -legged friend to the store.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be happy to know that the Latulippe store welcomes dogs with open arms. Employees love to receive it in the store.

Montcalm and Saint-Sacrament districts

If you spend your day in the high town, the Montcalm and Saint-Sacrament districts have a few establishments where you can stop.

For a take-out drink, Maison Smith will open its doors to you, as will the Limoilou branch. In addition, you can eat or drink coffee on the terrace at Café Krieghoff. Finally, if you want to enjoy a bagel on a terrace, you can head to Bügel, Quebec’s first bagel factory.

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