Amanda Sters opened up before about her relationship with Patrick Bruel, her ex -husband

Amanda Sthers and Patrick Bruel is a story that has captivated the media for many years. And despite their divorce, she continues to challenge. The truth is that they are in love, they are divorced, and it has not stopped them from working professionally. Better yet, remain friends, collaborators and relatives. It is very rare to underline. Objeko give you, in most cases, a divorce is just the tip of an iceberg of arguments and resentment. But this duo is different.

Even recently, the release of Amanda Sthers ’new book confirmed this trend. Patrick Bruel is nothing but admiring his ex -wife’s talent. And the latter can only answer him by putting his judgment on a pedestal, because of the career and success of the artist he is. So the editorial staff of your magazine invites you to take a closer look at this successful divorce story. Amanda Sthers and Patrick Bruel may inspire more than one…

Amanda Sthers and Patrick Bruel who are very good friends

He is a singer and actor, he is an author and director. The fact that they are both artists can complicate their relationship. In fact, it is common to hear about the increased sensitivity of people who are given talent for the arts. In their sometimes excessive ego and their tendencies to grief. An explosive cocktail that can be difficult for a couple to handle. But for Amanda Sthers and Patrick Bruel, it’s their energy to get along well. Maybe they also don’t stick to the clichés of the artists and they admire each other. And what still keeps them from friendship today is this capacity to wonder, for the admiration of another.

September 21, 2004 mi when Patrick Bruel married Amanda Sthers. They met in 2001, in Saint-Tropez. Their children, Oscar and Léon, were born in 2003 and 2005. And by the end of 2007 the couple separated. The divorce came a little later and they did not escape the doubts of the press. Fortunately, critics can rain, they know how to understand things. In particular by constantly remembering that the most important thing is their children.

Amanda Sthers and Patrik Bruel haven’t stopped making Oscar and Léon their priorities. And the readers ofObjeko think that this is what allows former lovers to see their relationship remain harmonious and develop for the better over time. Even now, they are happy to talk to each other in the press. As reported by our colleagues from the magazine Here is theit was on the occasion of the release of Amanda Sthers ’new book that Oscar and Leon’s parents were able to praise each other through the media.

Repeated praise

This is Amanda Sthers ’12th novel to be released. Coffee suspended has already met with great success and Patrick Bruel is therefore not the end to praise his merits. But he no longer waited for his ex-wife’s new novel to be published to positively express his relationship with it. In fact, she is happy to maintain a strong relationship with the mother of her children, who are now aged 18 and 16. “We have an extraordinary relationship, we get along very well. I would say brotherly. It started with an intellectual reaction, compared to our children. »said Patrick Bruel to anyone who wants to hear it, when questions arise on the subject of an interview.

Then, after reading Amanda Sthers ’new book Patrick Bruel was happy to recommend it to the public. He then described his ex -wife’s work as “very successful, so moving” . Words straight to the author’s heart. Especially since she also has great respect and admiration for her ex -husband’s artistic work. “That someone like him, with his intelligence, looked at me with admiring eyes, which saved me time. »he said for example, as reported by our colleagues from the magazine Here is the.

In fact, it is a relationship that should serve as an example to divorced couples who can no longer support each other. Maybe some candidates from Married at first sight can be inspired by this vision shown by Amanda Sthers and Patrick Bruel …

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