Aftermath Islands Raises $25 Million In Utility Token Sale For Metaverse Project

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Post-War Islands has raised $25 million from LDA Capital through the sale of in-game utility tokens for its Metaverse project.

Instead of raising funds through a conventional VC deal, the company chose to sell utility tokens from its metaverse game to LDA Capital over a period of time, David Lucatch, CEO of Aftermath Islands, said in an interview with GamesBeat.


“We’re building a metaverse based on Unreal Engine 5 graphics, so it’s a break from the low-res cartoon-based graphics everyone’s used to,” Lucatch said. “We also use pixel streaming. And we’ve made over $2 million in revenue from 6,000 purchases. What makes us unique is that we have reserved, reserved decentralization. »

He added, “In the beginning, we have decentralization with an identity that ensures that people entering our metaverse are real people, real users. And in the background we have NFTs and everything, but in the middle we – still look at the centralized game because we need to have a clear direction for management and what to do.

This means that the company has not yet opted for a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The company has about 12,000 members on its Discord channel and 20,000 on Twitter.

Art of the Aftermath Isles.

The company will use the money to speed up the roadmap for Aftermath Islands, which works in both a realistic world where a virtual land will be sold and a game game to get the blockchain that will be revealed in the ‘arrival. Aftermath Islands plans to develop its ecosystem, support the growth of its non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and work on its digital identity, multi-channel initiatives, game-to-win, virtualization and mixed reality, as well as other decentralized initiatives.

“We make sure that people who enter our metaverse are verified on some level to make sure everyone is a real person,” Lucatch said. “We want real people to want, one user one account. This is really important. And we want it to be realistic graphics.

Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited and Aftermath Islands Tokens Limited secured the investment. The company is based in Barbados in the British Virgin Islands, while Lucatch is based in Toronto. LDA also has an option to purchase shares in Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited.

Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited is a Barbados company 50% owned and controlled by Oasis Digital Studios Limited, a 100% subsidiary of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc (CSE: LQID / OTC: LQAVF).

“LDA Capital is proud to be a part of the advancements that Aftermath Islands brings to virtual worlds and games that will change the way players interact and transact with collectible NFTs in the game ,” said Warren Baker, Managing Partner of LDA Capital, in a press release. “Most importantly, the company is an industry leader in digital identity verification, which enables a new world of in-game interactions. Ultimately, Aftermath Islands changes science fiction in history, and we proud to be co-authors of this history.

Lucatch said that the company chose to raise its initial funds from a long-term investor rather than initially selling tokens to the public. It plans to use digital identity to support safety, privacy and security and adopts high-resolution graphics and pixel streaming to provide users with a fast, download-free, photorealistic gaming experience on any computer. He said that the company is building its world in Unreal Engine 5.

“This kind of follows the concepts developed by Ernest Cline Loan player one, where you combine study and work in a virtual world. And then you can go out and do quests and all kinds of stuff. We can create communities of users based on the things they do every day, but the things they want to do like defy the laws of physics and nature.

LDA Capital will purchase Aftermath Islands utility tokens for three years based on the achievement of certain milestones, which Aftermath Islands plans to start with, but cannot guarantee that it will be reached by the end of 2022.

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is designed as a realistic open-world graphical platform with islands representing destinations in a virtual game world. In the virtual world of Aftermath Islands Metaverse, users can buy, develop, sell, and sell virtual land, objects, and things, such as buildings, manufactured goods, transportation, and other things, while throughout the in-game collectible NFT, a non-fungible token that represents the ownership of virtual and other goods.

Each space or area of ​​virtual land is unique and owners can choose, based on themes and other rules of fair play, what content they want to post on their virtual land. These can range from simple sets and structures to an interactive game, business, warehouse, residence, facility, or destination.

Users can purchase virtual land as well as all other goods and services in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse with fiat and other permitted currencies, coins and tokens. In the future, users will be able to use DUBS, short for Doubloons the Aftermath Islands Metaverse, the in-game currency. Aftermath will issue these DUBS tokens as cryptocurrency at some point in the future. But you can’t cash it, otherwise it would be considered a regulated security in the United States.

Aftermath Islands has NFTs.

Supported by digital identity verification, Aftermath Islands Metaverse is a shared virtual open world, inspired by Ernest Cline’s science fiction novels: Loan player one and The player owes two. Scheduled to launch its beta platform in the second half of 2022, Aftermath Islands Metaverse will allow users to connect and interact with each other, create content, create, participate in activities and search and playing

Aftermath Islands Metaverse features an in-game virtual economy where users can make transactions in the global economy as well as monetize the content, items, quests, and apps they create.

The company has 30 people, internal and external, spread around the world.

Lucatch said that the play-to-win game will be economical, as you can buy plots of land for $35 and you can earn NFTs by playing the game.

“Someone can go there to play, without having to buy land, create NFTs and sell them on the market,” he said. “And then they get enough tokens to go out and buy land.”

Players can create their own items. Lucatch said the company will offer fun activities like Metaverse Karaoke, where players can sing into their microphones, among other unique features.

NFT opposition, crypto winter and competition

broken island
Smash Island is one of the Aftermath Islands.

Lucatch knows that hardcore gamers express their opposition to NFTs as a scam.

“We are not going to the market for dollars, just to issue tokens,” he said. “We did it in a way where our first funding was through an institutional funding group. We are a group of experienced people and we do not hide behind pseudonyms. We are real people and we are not promoting and promoting the deal. We are doing it slowly and methodically to gain traction.

Regarding the crypto winter, he said that the shift to inclusivity gives people a chance to try it out before spending a lot of money. So the target is a more mainstream consumer, not just the crypto rich.

Of course, the hardest part is dealing with Epic Games, Microsoft, Roblox and even the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

“It’s going to be a big competition,” he said. “But I’m thinking about amusement parks. I am a roller coaster fan and have many amusement parks and travel destinations. We look for opportunities for collaboration and interoperability.

The company is currently beta testing a play-to-win game and hopes to open one of its islands soon, and it will have an open beta for its platform later this year or early 2023.

Lucatch has been in marketing technology for nearly 40 years, and he and his team have worked across a variety of industries in the financial, entertainment and sports markets.

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