Abbéville. A love-tepee for nature lovers

Marie-Astrid Cavé and Nicolas Pecqueur have been opening their love-tepee since May 13th (© The Journal of Abbeville)

Abbeville hides the really small corners of heavenunknown, perfect for a logout total in this chaotic and complicated time.

on Places called Faubourg des Planches in the United StatesYou just have to go through a small path and go through deep green nature to reach the field of Marie-Astrid Cave and Nicolas Pequeur.

The couple converted part of their property into a comfortable nest for lovers. A truly atypical cocoon in a rejuvenating setting.

Same teepee at Disney

On this site called The boards of Talsacqthe Abbevillois offers nights in unusual accommodation, in a love-tepee. “Last year, we did a test on the same principle with a tent that looked like a tepee. In the end, the test was conclusive because we sold out all summer,” Marie-Astrid said. , who, along with her husband, is grateful to welcome people to share theirs love on NATURE and simple things.

Little surprises for lovers

The couple took advantage of the final imprisonment to implement their project: building a love-tepee. “The tepee from a workshop on Vosgessame manufacturer as those of disney. Inside, everything is planned for the lovers to have fun, ”said the couple.

A large bed placed on pallets, a wood stove for cold nights as well as a tantric chair for the most rude. An accommodation to havegentleness enough for one or more nights like a coffee maker, a microwave and a small refrigerator.

People can discover many birds, such as the Marquenterre park


“This accommodation may be intended for families, but it is more dedicated to a couple” slips Marie-Astrid who adds: “the love-tepee also has other little surprises in store …” Accessories and little surprise to taste with pleasure and without moderation.

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The layout was designed and made by Nicolas, cabinet maker in training. “I made the foundation on stilts, on the ground, on the base of the bed with recycled elements. Same for the small living next to the tepee with piles of bouchot. I also make the furniture using reclaimed wood. »

In the back, a sanitary bloc with shower and dry toilet. A tepee overlooking a pond where many species live. “People can discover many birds, like the Parc du Marquenterre said Marie-Astrid.

Campfire and boat trip

When the sun goes down, you will find yourself in front of a camp fire to enjoy a moment of calm and abundance. While watching the blazing flame, the ducks come and eat from the hands. Disconnect is the same as reconnecting with nature birds and ducks because they are neighbors.

the tenants tepee can ride a little small boat to ride onpond or fishing while respecting the small island where the birds nest in peace. It is also possible to have a meal served prepared by a chef oa seafood plate through the couple’s network.

A planned Nordic bathroom

Marie-Astrid and Nicolas are planning “a Nordic bathroom to provide new service”. Open since Thursday, May 13, the love-tepee has been a huge success with many reservations. “It’s full every Saturday until the end of August” the couple pointed out.

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