a university in Hong Kong will launch campuses in the metaverse

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology plans to use metaverse from September this year to connect its students with a second campus based in Guangzhou. This Web3 experience can change higher education if it becomes more democratic.

A university in Hong Kong is exploring the metaverse

In Hong Kong, theUniversity of Science and Technology (HKUST) planning to make courses in the metaverse. The first idea is actually to be able to integrate the students of this university with the second campus based in Guangzhou. This new experiment should start in September.

The project does not intend to be limited to these virtual courses only. In fact, this is actually a Web 3.0 campus that needs to be reinvented and it needs to be a meeting place for teachers, students and alumni.

In particular, it is planned to equip the classrooms, in order to reproduce in the metaverseto enable the integration of students from different university sites in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Professor Yang WANG, who led the project named MetaHKUST talking about the experience:

“Hong Kong has all the necessary elements for the future development of Web 3.0 in a context of rapid integration of our physical and digital world. As the first university in the world to establish a digital twin for our two campuses, HKUST is ready to take the lead in creating an ecosystem of [réalité augmentée] to further research and learning. »

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A futuristic vision of education

Students of course have the possibility to customize their avatars, but the idea goes beyond the visual aspect. Administrative procedures simplify no physical presence, and the transcript and diploma may even be issued in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT).

HKUST also discussed the possibility of potential collaborations with other institutions.

In addition to this scenario, such an initiative requires distance learning to a new level. If of course not everything can be done virtually, it can be a disruptive change for studentsespecially for mobility and accommodation questions in large university towns.

There is still a long way to go before such practices are democratized. However, the Covid 19 pandemic has shown that attitudes can change much faster than expected and this is very valid. remote work and education.

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Source: HKUST

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