A ram attacked by two stray dogs in Toucy: “One day it will be a baby!”

When he returned from work, on the night of Friday August 19, 2022, Rudolph Bonin, a resident of a village in Toucy, discovered to his surprise that his ram had been attacked by two stray dogs. The animal, which he owned for almost a year, was grazing in a fenced area of ​​5,000 square meters, together with three sheep from Ouessant, near his house.

“Frightened” sheep

“My ram was as cute as anything. He even played with my dog. He cut his throat. The vet had to euthanize him. It must have been horrible. My sheep were terrified,” their owner complained. A complaint was filed with the Toucy gendarmerie. The two dogs in question, belonging to a neighbor who lives a few hundred meters away, frighten many people as they travel.

“The owner of a plot of land, next to mine, is there. The dogs jumped on him. He got out. A priori, he was not bitten”

Rudolph Bonin (pet owner)

The facts were supposed to happen at the end of the morning, Friday. The two dogs would have run away and headed across the field towards Rudolph Bonin’s land. “The owner of a plot of land, next to mine, is there. The dogs jumped on him. He got out. A priori, he was not bitten,” he explained.

A ram had to be euthanized by a veterinarian after being bitten in the throat by two stray dogs.
On their journey, the two canids entered another residence in that area. “I was at work. They entered the house, where my two children were alone. The front door was not locked, they jumped on the handle”, explained the owner, crossing during our report. “I ran to the bathroom,” said his 10-year-old daughter. Alarmed by the cry of his sister, the eldest, 14 years old who was upstairs, was able to fly them.

The children pass by the house where the dogs live to get to the bus stop. But it’s too dangerous. I know others who have been persecuted.

Spring introductions

Annick Girardin, another resident, was also a victim of spring dogs. “It was April 15. We were walking with my daughter, on the street where dogs live. One of them attacked me. He bit my leg. I was bleeding. And again, luckily I was wearing pants. One day it will be a child.” And adding: “The gendarmes, they told us not to roam around there… But then, can’t we walk where we want?”

The attacked sheep lives on a plot of 5,000 square meters with three Ouessant sheep.

One thing is certain, fear has settled in the village. “Are you with the owner of the dogs? Ayy! I don’t want to eat, sorry”, answered a voice, the different witnesses. In front of the gate, the owner of the dogs approached. And explained: “I went to work. My dogs were locked, but they managed to get out of the porch window. It was serious and I feel sorry for the victims”, he admitted.

Not recognized as attack dogs

The young woman explained that she had four dogs, but the two that posed problems, a Malinois and an American Bully, were temporarily entrusted to her. “They are not subject to consent,” he said. This is true: neither the Malinois nor the American Bully are classified in category 1 or 2 (attack dog and guard and defense dog).

As for the American Bully, the breed is not officially recognized worldwide. This is the result of various crosses between the breeds of the Bulldog type, the American Pit Bull and the American Staffordshire-terrier, which is categorized as a category 1 attack dog. smoke As for the Malinois, which is part of the Belgian Shepherds, it is considered a medium-sized dog, not a category. “I tried to get rid of these dogs, but it is not easy to find a buyer. They are animals with complicated histories, victims of abuse,” explained their owner. The latter always have custody of the animals and must take them to the vet to carry out tests on their risks. Contacted this Sunday, August 21, the mayor of Toucy did not want to comment.

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