A dog groomer’s employee is being filmed and dog owners are confused

Dogs are a love of God’s creation that bring joy and blessings to all families and their members. Some have light coats, but there are some types of dogs with thick coats, so they should be taken to the groomer.

In this article, we will tell you about an owner who took his pet to a dog groomer, because the latter did something good to the dog. The footage was recorded by the grooming salon’s video camera, and the dog owners were confused by the groomer’s behavior.

We will tell you how it happened, step by step, and show you the video at the end of this article. Being a dog groomer is one of the most rewarding jobs around.

A dog groomer’s employee is being filmed and dog owners are confused

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In no other profession can you have such innocent, lovable and endlessly gentle customers, who will surely give all the love and honor to those who take care of their haircuts.

However, some pet owners feel terrible when they have to leave their little creatures in the care of other people, especially strangers.

And these people have reason to suspect, because more than one case of animal abuse has been discovered in grooming parlors, boarding houses and even veterinary surgeries. Pets have no voice to defend themselves.

The inability to speak makes pets easy targets for malicious people, but not all is bad in these areas. In a dog grooming salon in Creara, Brazil, security cameras recorded a completely different act.

This is Yan Kardec, a young man from Brazil, who has learned to calm his clients with his energy in a simple way. This man works at the famous Pet & Groomer dog grooming salon, but he is no ordinary employee, and those who know him well know how dedicated he is to the care of each pet.

However, few know his ways of calming them down. In the footage that went viral on social media, the young man can be seen dancing and playing with the golden retriever while grooming it.

“Taking care of pets is not a job, but a time devoted to love!” A love that goes through all the hardships animals face and knows that in the midst of the chaos we live in. The love for pets still lives on, it makes us happy to no end,” wrote the Pet & Groomer shop on his Instagram account.

The young man seemed to be enjoying himself as he mopped the floor in style. However, the cutest part is when he slowly approaches the dog’s mouth as if to kiss it. In response, the rambunctious animal decided to return to his senses and gave him his paw.

The shared scenes have reached over 600,000 views, and over 200,000 interactions. And the child’s employers themselves thanked everyone for their response. They also clarify what is most important in this business.

“All members of the Pet & Groomer team love what they do! Thank you for all the messages of love,” added the store. On the other hand, during an interview with the local media, it was learned that the amorous groomer is a dog lover and that’s why he likes the work he does.

“I have always loved animals, but now I just love my job, I want to continue, to continue in this field”, Yan said.

Here is the video when the boy was surprised by his “special techniques” to calm the puppies. Don’t miss it!

The owners thus realized that their animal could not be in better hands and they were very happy about it. Before, this young man wanted to be a footballer, but after three months of his job, he already knew what his true love was.

No doubt the pets in this area are grateful that the young man did not follow his passion for the ball and are ready for their bath to last longer than expected. Employees like Yan deserve every animal customer, he spreads his energy throughout the network.

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