7 signs that you are in the right relationship

Have you ever wondered if you are in the right relationship? There are clues that can guide your answer.

Divorce numbers are proof that finding the right person is not easy. We always rely on fate when it comes to romantic relationships, but it is difficult to understand if we are with the right person.

Here are some signs that will guide you in a romantic relationship.

1 / Communication

good relationship

When we talk about the well-being of a couple, communication is the point that we think about first. He should be attentive, quick and honest. It sounds simple to describe but may be more complicated in reality.

You should feel free to speak your mind while choosing your words so as not to offend your partner. Likewise, you should be able to listen when your other half needs to speak.

It is important, to a couple, that the truth be told. Staying in a silent relationship is not good for anyone. Of course it’s not always easy. If you feel that your partner wants to tell you something but he doesn’t dare, put him in good listening conditions. If he feels judged, he won’t say what’s on his mind, and you might end up blaming yourself in the future.

Note that communication is not only about words. It is broader, it also includes all movements, attitudes and expressions.

2 / Knowledge of others

Not only can you attract the perfect mate, you can also attract a certain person you admire with the law of attraction.

We are all different and we all have our preferences on how to receive love from others.

In a good relationship you must understand each other’s needs and expectations. This knowledge of your partner is possible because of communication. No one can guess what others are thinking, but words and actions can express everyone’s expectations of you.

3 / Resolution of the conflict

Conflicts in a relationship are normal, the main thing is that they can be resolved.
But here again communication plays an important role, it is through exchanges with your partner that you understand what makes you disagree. The important thing is not to agree but to accept that others have a way of seeing things that is different from yours.

Pay attention to what your partner is saying and express yourself without being hurtful. This is one of the keys if you want your relationship to last.

4 / Your entourage approves of the relationship

family is important

Those around you, your friends and your family, have an external perspective and can give you valuable advice about your relationship.

They are the people who know you best, they support you in good and bad times and are sometimes in a better position than you to tell when you are suffering.
Sometimes in a bad relationship, you feel satisfied. Listen to what is being said around you. Consider what they are thinking and consider it. This does not mean that you have to listen to everyone, it is also important that you listen to yourself.

5 / Intimacy

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When we are in love, it is complicated to separate from his beloved. Doing things alone can be awkward and we always want to share time. But it is also important that you find yourself alone, breathe and take advantage of it to do things in your own company.

There are things that you used to do when you were single that you no longer do, things that your partner doesn’t really like to do.

6 / Confidence

If some lucky people have confidence at the beginning of their relationship, for others it is a more complicated point. Some people can’t trust, they need proof and reassurance.

If this is something that was understood at the beginning of the relationship, you should let go over time. If you can’t trust someone, you will doubt their every action and you won’t enjoy any time.

7 / Question

Human error! No one is perfect and doing bad things is not dramatic. If this happens to you, it is important that you ask yourself. This will allow you to understand what is causing the problem and how you want to act.

If you know this, it will be easier to talk about it with your loved one, it will also allow you not to repeat the same mistakes.

Remember that all these points are important and related. Communication can lead to trust and knowledge, asking questions and communication can lead to conflict resolution… So the secret of a relationship is a combination of all these factors, it’s up to you to use them!

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