7 signs that show that you are very clingy

To ruin a new relationship, there is nothing better than being hasty and clingy. However, surely we are all too strict in one of our relationships! But the important thing is knows how to find a balance : if we don’t need each other, we don’t put effort into a relationship. In all couples, there may be times when one person is more invested in the relationship than the other, or more in love, with roles that change over time in a healthy relationship. In a relationship that is not healthy, it is always the person who loves more, who is more invested and who is clingy, annoying their partner in the process and ending the relationship from the beginning.

According to the psychiatrist Mark Baschickit’s normal that you need something else, but you do learn to trust : “ there are often good reasons why we become this way, such as an anxiety-provoking event that happened in our childhood. “.

But the most important thing is to succeed in trusting your partner: the more attached you are, the more one wants to run away. So if you are guilty of the following seven behaviors, you are too strict: learn to balance if you value this relationship!

You sent three texts to reply to one message

Although it is very annoying to wait for a reply to a message, don’t rush your phone the second your partner writes to you. We always have our phone available throughout the day, so there’s no need to send three or more messages once you get a response. Send a message and wait for a response. Also take your time to answer: we want what we don’t have, so learn to be mysterious, don’t answer for a second!

You expect him to spend all his free time with you

It can be difficult to make room for a romantic relationship when we have a busy schedule between our work, our family, our friends and the rest of our jobs. It’s normal to want to make the most of every free second of enjoy being loved, but you have to manage to keep your freedom and, above all, let others keep it. We all need to be alone from time to time, and decompress on our side, as a couple too. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you anymore! The development of a part also allowsevolve as a couple.

You still want to talk about your relationship

So even though we repeat that communication is the key to a healthy relationship, too much communication can kill it. ACCORDING Kyle Bensonmarriage counselor, the right frequency to talk about your couple isonce a week in approximately one hour. By establishing a routine where you can talk about what works and what doesn’t, and what you want to improve, it allows the couple to have dedicated time for constructive criticism and relationship development.

You will be upset when he goes out with his friends

If you’re upset because your partner spends time with their friends, ask yourself why. Is it because you don’t trust him? Is it because you don’t like his friends – and do you have a reason not to like them? Or is it just because you want to spend all your time together? Does he get upset when you hang out with your friends, or do you feel bad when he hangs out? For a relationship to be healthy, you need to be able to trust your partner enough to spend time with his friends.

You give him too much attention

For a relationship to work, you need to pay attention to your partner. And everyone loves gifts and little touches. But if you’re the only one showing it or your partner seems to be doing it out of obligation, let it get to you. Stop the small things until he takes matters into his own hands!

Your partner told you that you are too clingy

If your partner tells you that you’re too clingy, it’s time to do something about it. change your behavior. In general, when a person knows that his partner is very strict, they rarely take the time to talk to him about it, but they allow the situation to worsen by distancing themselves. If your partner take the trouble to tell you about itconsider it something positive, that you can improve on.

You don’t have time to miss him

What creates affection between two people is also the feeling inadequate. When you spend your time with someone, how do you miss them afterwards? can be very useful It is not necessarily the behavior that is adopted because he may take you for granted or get fed up with you. Keep your friends, your interests, show him that you make time for him and not because you have nothing else to do but him! Chances are it will have the opposite effect: the less available you are, the more attractive you will be. In the end, you will find the other one more sticky !

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