4 original gift ideas for a successful EVJF

Many agree that a successful EVJF is above all a bachelor party where all the bridesmaids have a good time with the bride, thus making this unique moment completely unforgettable. Complexity, unity, humor and good humor are very strong signs that make this very special event a great success. And if you’re planning a bachelor party but the bridesmaids don’t all know each other, you can rest assured: it’s possible to develop this good atmosphere and make sure that everyone creates great memories thanks to some original gifts that promote group cohesion. Here are 4 that should inspire you if you want to organize a successful EVJF.

personal cups

Whatever form you choose for your bachelorette party, you will find yourself with friends, girlfriends, sisters, cousins ​​and all your loved ones to celebrate this important step for your couple and have fun. The personalized cup is a very practical original gift for a unique decoration, to your taste and bearing your name if you wish. You can use your cups at your bachelor party (or bachelor party) and even for a long time at home, giving each bridesmaid a wonderful memory of this special moment! You can choose the theme that best matches your EVJF, add your first name, a photo or even create your visual from A to Z to celebrate without the risk of going broke with a beautiful, more happy accessory with your colors!

A bunch of t-shirts

If you don’t want a particular outfit for your EVJF, why not have some nice personalized t-shirts for each of your bridesmaids and thus enjoy this wonderful feeling all in same gang of friends? , within a day? Thus you will be distinguished from far away queens of the party, and it should provide a much more festive atmosphere this time, not to mention that your bridesmaids will obviously be able to keep the t-shirt afterwards as a you souvenir

A bracelet

The wisest prefer to bet on an accessory that is less visible, but just as beautiful. If you don’t want to impose a particular dress on your bridesmaids, you can offer them to wear a bracelet personalized with your name, the date of your EVJF or even the colors of your marriage This will make you a beautiful and beautiful bond, just like the friendship bracelets we wore when we were young, and everyone will also cherish their bracelet after the event.


In the same sense as the bracelet, you can also suggest that your bridesmaids wear a colored scarf like a bandana to tie where they want, on their bag, on the wrist like a bracelet, on their neck or their hair to bring a nice touch to the color of their clothes and above all make you a recognizable sign between you. Here again, you can print the scarves to show the date of your EVJF, your first name or the place of the festival for a beautiful souvenir to keep.

It is always very nice to be able to identify the bridesmaids of an EVJF at a glance thanks to a different sign, because it emphasizes the impression of being part of the same group, improves the unity of the group and allows everyone to keep a good memory of it. nice moment Personalized cup, gathered t-shirt, friendship bracelet or colorful scarf, ideas are not lacking and can of course be combined with each other. The most important thing is to obviously choose the ones that seem the most festive for you and accompany you throughout your EVJF for a successful festive moment!

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