17 storylines to watch out for in your soap operas this fall

The intrigues to follow will be many this fall, during the return of television, when many fictions will be broadcast on the small screen, as well as many new returns.

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Here are 17 storylines to watch out for in your soap operas this fall:

The Breakaway: The Transformation of Jules

Eric Myre

We discover that Jules (Mathieu Drouin) has a problem with the truth. He lied to everyone and nothing. He grew up to be a tall, strong teenager. The consequences of his Central American adventure with his father, Bill (Normand D’Amour), prove to be particularly disastrous.

Alerts: A trying couple

Dominique Perron

Hugo (Éric Robidoux) seems to have found the causes of Pelletier’s (Danny Gilmore) tremors. While he is in the hospital with Jennifer, the latter remembers a scene that may be the source of his difficulties. She will talk about her trauma with Hugo. “It will cause trouble between the two,” said author Julie Hivon.

The perfect moments: The perfect woman?

Fabrice Gaetan

“Nadia’s ex, Malik, will reveal things that will bother Philippe about his girlfriend. It was a hard blow for Philippe, who thought he was with the perfect woman. This is a sign of what will happen to her if she continues her relationship with him. Malik is like a mirror of Philippe, who first refuses to look the truth in the face!

The sublime: A dangerous decline?

Eve B Lavoie

Christophe Doubovski contacts Alicia as a psychiatrist. “He might be tempted to give her tips to get away with it,” announced Jacques Diamant. Helpful help? “It can hide other intentions”, reveals the author, enigmatic.

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The flaw: Celine’s aggression

Yan Turcotte

“Céline physically attacked her ex, William Taylor, with a knife one Christmas Eve 20 years ago. In this second season, we learn the reasons that led her to commit this violent act. He stabbed her in the hand when she found out he was living a double life with another woman in England, while he raised his daughter more often alone than with company!

Indefensible: Tons of Surprises


“There is nothing trivial in our criminal cases. Every storyline of the season has a surprise to watch out for. The public will be caught off guard time and time again!”

Anna and Arnaud: The Intensity of Love

Yan Turcotte

The most important intrigue is the dynamic between Anna and her son Arnaud. The heart of the series is really the unconditional love story between a mother and her child.

My mother: A wonderful friendship

Danny Taillon

Chantal relies on Martin Brousseau (Richard Robitaille) to help her get started. This real estate agent was his accomplice in the act of fraud. He found himself behind bars, while he was not worried. He still gets the money from the robbery, and he promises to help him when he gets out of prison. “Chantal realized that he was not very inclined to pay her debt to her. He didn’t want her in his life. However, he promised to gradually give her the money he owed her,” revealed author Michel D’Astous. Will he keep his promise?

Hotel: Spirit of Vengeance


Victoria chose Sarah for the coveted position. By accepting, the latter is far from suspecting the difficulties that await him. Deep in his broken heart, Guillaume planned to humiliate her. “Everything is good to achieve its goals. There are no limits”, revealed the producer. In fact, he will witness a move by Sarah that he can use against her.

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5th Rank: A Dangerous Father

Bertrand Calmeau

Jean-Michel’s past is revealed. “He comes from a family of not very honest people,” says the author. We also meet his father, Ghislain Lanctôt (Alex Bisping). “Man has no moral sense. He had a lot of anger and mischief, Sylvie Lussier described, and he was involved in all kinds of traffic. Continue!

Stat: A contest of egos

Radio Canada

Jacob (Lou-Pascal Tremblay) is the new emergency physician. “Ambitious, he knows where he’s going. He is not afraid of challenges,” said the author. Emmanuelle never knew what to think of this young, impulsive man. “He looked at her with a mixture of contempt and tenderness, it depended on the day,” he continued. She wanted to help him when he saw that she was wrong, but Jacob wanted to show her that he was better than her. The relationship between them is punctuated by as many conflicts as there are moments of reconciliation.

Before the crash: A mysterious past

Image: Serge Gauvin

In quitting his job, Marc-André admits it was by choice. “We know what his escape is, what his family history is, why he got lost in this environment and why he made bad decisions,” the author said. “He still wants to do things differently, but his past is finally catching up with him,” he added.

This Is I Love You: Praying Mantis

Bertrand Calmeau

“This season marks the appearance of the character of Grazia, played by the actress Charlotte Le Bon. Will she be Huguette’s ally or a formidable enemy? One thing is certain, this charming woman will surely make hearts grow stronger of the “Sainte-Foyens.”

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Cerebrum: Obsessive manipulation

Radio Canada

A former patient of Henri’s, Jules Côté (Alexis Martin), has been sober for four months and is proud to offer his AA token to his mother, Monique (Micheline Lanctôt). However, this one was far from speaking words of encouragement to him. Hurt by this rejection, he falls back on his ways and becomes the target of a dangerous creature.

For You Flora: Pandora’s Box

Radio Canada

“Rémi’s book brings back so many memories. This is an opportunity for some victims and their children to learn. Opening this Pandora’s box will shake up many characters. It will be interesting to see how everyone reacts to this positive and negative speech. It’s time to heal!”

Chouchou: A mother who bets a lot on her son

Lou Scramble

Patricia, Sandrick’s mother, always believed in her son’s potential. He believes that his relationship with Chanelle will allow him to climb the ladder, since he lives at the bottom of the social ladder on government aid money and hasn’t even finished high school.

A Criminal Case: A Puzzle Full of Secrets

Serge Gauvin

“Not just a plot to watch especially, launched by Joanne Arseneau. This series is a big puzzle where nothing is free! Surely everything will lead to the truth. What happened on the night of the car accident? What happened the night Jeremy was killed? Do people distort the truth to save their reputations?”

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