10 things to know about Salut Bonjour’s new social media columnist

After eight years of presenting the news that is all the rage on the web, our social media columnist pass the torch to a “new” recruit. Hugo Langlois will join the Salut Bonjour Weekend team starting in September.

As passionate as he is charming, Hugo Langlois is the new social media columnist for Salut Bonjour Week-end. Hugo is a unifier, with a little blue flower side (he lives with five girls!), but he is also a fan of current affairs and a really real “tree “. There is no doubt: it will easily conquer your television and… your heart!

All about Salut Bonjour’s new collaborator:

1. He was a radio guy before he was a TV guy.

From the radio, he eats it for lunch, lunch and dinner! Mainly in Quebec City you’ve heard it, here and there, for the last twenty years. A seasoned journalist, Hugo Langlois covered the political and social scene for a long time before becoming a radio host. When the opportunity to collaborate with Salut Bonjour presented itself, he couldn’t resist!

2. He has worked with Vincent Dessureault.

Fun fact: it was a publication by Vincent Dessureault that convinced him to audition for the position of social media columnist. Having worked at the same radio station in Quebec, the two already knew each other. Knowing that he replaced Vincent Dessureault gave him full confidence in the future.

3. His father is the former mayor of Beauport.

It was in the beautiful city of Quebec that Hugo grew up. He lives in Beauport, a district where his father was mayor for many years. In addition, his father’s condition often drew him to tease other children when he was in elementary school. That didn’t stop him from staying there and raising his family there!

4. He lives with five women!

Hugo is the proud father of two adult daughters, who are 11 and 13 years old. After separating from his spouse, he met Catherine who also has two daughters. Since they moved, all the beautiful people lived under one roof. Do the math: that’s a lot of women per square foot!

5. And they approve of his clothes!

His great sensitivity allowed him to develop a beautiful bond with his two daughters, who always trusted him. This trust is reciprocal, because they approve of her clothes before important events. She has style, doesn’t she?

5. He has a tree.

By his own admission, Hugo considers himself a “tree man”. Don’t look for him in his spare time, you will find him in nature! Maybe he’s in his woods cutting some cordwood or walking his adorable dog.

6. He has a hunting dog.

What’s a woodlot without a hunting dog? Naturally, Hugo shared it for six years with his adorable dog, named Marcus, a German shorthaired pointer.

7. He plays sports… mainly to convince his daughters to do the same!

Although he loves to get lost in nature, Hugo has not adopted an outdoor game. Sometimes, he practices some sports, just for fun, like cycling or tennis. You should know that he did this above all else to convince his daughters to move!

8. He fishes for salmon.

His national sport is salmon fishing, which requires him to have a (very) good release! This activity, he practiced with a long-time friend, twice a summer, near the Cascapédia river in Gaspésie.

9. He makes his own maple syrup.

Over the years, Hugo has developed an amazing skill: he has mastered the art of golden blond like no one else! It was in his woods that he and his father built a small family sugar shack. With patience and precision, Hugo cultivates the maple sap there to make (according to him!) one of the best maple syrups in Quebec.

10. He can’t wait to join the Salut Bonjour Weekend!

Besides the opportunity to work in his hometown, Hugo is happy to spend all his weekends with the Salut Bonjour team. True to form, he intends to devote all the love and attention he deserves to this new professional project!

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