10 signs that show your relationship is right

the romantic relationship It can be very complicated, so even if you’re not sure what’s to come, it’s good to know in advance if a relationship is “right” for you or not. Although a toxic relationship can take a long time to develop, you are more likely to know early on if your relationship is good or not. Here is the some signs who can help you determine this!

Your communication is good

No one – a priori – reads the mind of others, so don’t expect this to be your partner’s situation. Yes, your partner probably won’t do everything you want the way you want. But the possibility that the contradiction is also true, so tell if it is wrong. By communicating your expectations and disagreementshave a healthy relationship and a happy couple.

You can resolve your arguments by speaking up

Take time for yourself each week, be careful to emphasize the actions, words, attention to your partner that you like especially. Do the same thing for what doesn’t please you. Start with criticisms and end what you like best: through conversation, you both realize what needs to change or not to improve your relationship.

Don’t stay left unspoken

Don’t leave by closing the door or hanging out with your partner. Again: talk to try to solve your problems.

Don’t humble yourself

To avoid losing value, it is important that you are the first person to give value to yourself. Otherwise, things will get worse. So remember that you are the only one who can tell people how you are being treated, and especially stop everything at the first sign of disrespect. Give yourself the value you want to give: if your partner isn’t, then they’re not the person for you.

You have the same values

From the beginning of your relationship, talk about your values and values ​​you share. That way you can see if you can compromise or if there are some things you can never break. The important thing is don’t lose your relationship nor to change your personality for your partner. If you don’t want to make someone happy, this isn’t the right relationship!

You see the distance together

If you die tomorrow, will you care about this fight? Ask yourself this every time things get tough between you, and remind yourself to appreciate the little things on a daily basis. Try to remember it in order to don’t forget what really matters : you two.

Avoid releasing

We’re not talking about dieting or dressing sexier to keep your partner interested. Simply put, giving up is sometimes akin to quitting. So keep, simultaneously, working on yourself and your relationship to prevent it from dying before it has a real chance.

Don’t forget who you are

Your spouse has to love you for who you are, so don’t change your personality to fit the person you see now. It will only get worse the day the relationship ends and, in addition to losing your loved one, you will also lose your identity. Consider taking time for yourself and your passions, remembering who you are and what attracts you.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

If you overdo yourself, then at some point things will fall apart and separation is the only way out. By taking it with yourself every time, your mental health and your physical health will suffer. So remember to say what’s wrong if it’s wrong, to avoid too many arguments in the long run. If you feel like you can’t express your mind, that’s a sign that this relationship is toxic, and continuing like this could be dangerous for you.

Avoid getting angry

If you hate and every time something goes wrong, you bring those bad memories to your partner, then obviously you can’t continue to be together. For this you needtrust in each other, and the elimination of the past is one of them. If it’s something you think you can’t handle, then end the relationship. If you choose to forgive, truly forgive.

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