Metaverse: these 4 giants are building the virtual world of tomorrow

News hardware Metaverse: these 4 giants are building the virtual world of tomorrow Published on 08/10/2022 at 16:36 We are witnessing the beginning of the Metaverse, but it is already the subject of large-scale capital penetration, which does not necessarily represent the reality of the sector. With an estimated market representing 5,000 billion euros in … Read more

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The Metaverse: Where Physical Space Is No Longer a Priority

The popularity of the metaverse continues to grow. Technology offers many opportunities to businesses through various aspects. Here, Nick Shah, CEO of Peterson Technology Partners, discusses the opportunities that technology in the metaverse will bring to companies regarding the future of work. “Technology will disrupt the future of work, maybe sooner than we think.” – … Read more

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Shopping in the Metaverse Will Require an AI-Powered Voice

Beyond the most basic point-and-click interactions, trading in the metaverse will likely require some form of voice interaction powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It could start with relatively simple voice biometric identification for purchases and logins in at least some retailers, banks and other businesses. It is already used for security verification; at Charles Schwables … Read more

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Clémentine Célarié is 65 years old: what is her relationship with her three sons?

This Wednesday, October 12, marks the 65th birthday of Clémentine Célarié. The opportunity to see his relationship with his three sons, Abraham, Gustave and Balthazar, born to two different fathers and the three music lovers. Clémentine Célarié will be 65 this Wednesday, October 12. An important anniversary, which he undoubtedly prepared to celebrate surrounded by … Read more

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